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Update posted by Schenker Gardens On Oct 26

Schenker Gardens

About Us

Located in Romania, Eastern Europe, we are a young family chasing a dream by transitioning into a new farm. The nation and the world are losing more and more small farms. We feel that it's never been harder to be new, young farmers than in modern day agriculture. It requires a little extra creativity -- extra effort from all young family farms to take modern farming to the next level. What has worked for the past generation will not always work for today's farmers. We hope to help pioneer other alternatives for farmers across the country

We?ve been working towards being a farm that offers a whole-diet ?portfolio? to our community.

What?s that, you say? It?s when you?re able to receive vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruit, milk, cheese, eggs, and meat (and maybe even baked goods) all from the same trustworthy, reliable and delicious source. While we?ll be the first to acknowledge that we?re still at least a couple of seasons away from fully realizing this ambition, we are carefully and diligently putting the pieces in place to create this possibility.

We want to craft the farm as a model of sustainability and fine land stewardship, with a focus on appropriate scale, conservation of resources, and nature-produced fertility.

We want to provide education on nature and summer camps to school groups and disadvantaged children , work opportunities to young people in search of a route in life, learnings about healthy life and food, and more through tours, workshops, apprenticeships, and even camping trips! We believe the farm is a profound teaching tool to be shared with our community.

Schenker Gardens is a start-up focused on creating and developing a farm that can soon extend into a community, a way of life for more people with the same project as a goal and healthy options for schools, restaurants, and corporations? employees.

The idea is to buy a sub-urban agricultural piece of land in Eastern Romania and to build on it a modern family farm. The concept of the farm is to be medium ? sized, so that everybody can be able to develop into a sustainable way of life for each person/group of persons deciding to take this path.

The land that we intend to buy extends on 50 sqm that we intend to use for:

  • Raising poultry and animals
  • Seeding crops that will be used for raising the animal and poultry
  • Vegetable garden
  • Solariums for medicinal herbs/vegetables/flowers
  • Fruit trees plantations
  • Wind power mill

This concept will help produce sustainable food that is nutritious, delicious, affordable and locally sourced. By being located at less than 30 kilometers from a big city, we will be able to have lower costs for our products, deducting from transportation standard costs. We also intend to further lower the costs by using solar and wind power to power our farm, and sell back excess power to the utility company, if the case.

This is the essences of today?s new urban agriculture movement: to crate sustainable, environmentally responsible, and equitable food systems. Another important benefit of this project is in local jobs creation. We plan to hire up to 10 employees in 3 years? time. We will also offer the option of ?internship? in our farm for any person interested in this field and who wants to develop a similar project. This project will support the local economy in many ways.

What we need

We are crowdfunding to bring our project to life and provide the freshest, tastiest, and nutritious products to Romanian market and beyond at a considerable value. We need to raise funds for the following items:

Must have

  • 25,000 EUR to buy the land ? the difference we need up to the total value

Nice to have

  • 12,000 EUR for the wind power mill
  • 5,000 EUR for operation expenses for 12 months.
  • 7,000 EUR for 1 transport vehicle

What we want to give you for your support.

Thank you for your time thus far. We?re offering the following for your financial support. All supporters will be able to visit us for a tour and sample fresh produce. You can also volunteer on Schenker Gardens, as soon as it is operational. Here are our gifts:

  1. EUR 5 contribution: A warm thank you, 10% discount on our products for 1 year, and mention on our soon to be web site.
  2. EUR 10 contribution: EUR15 products voucher redeemable on our online store/at the soon to be farm.
  3. EUR 20 contribution: EUR 25 products voucher redeemable on our online store/at the soon to be farm.
  4. EUR 40 contribution: EUR 60 products voucher redeemable on our online store/at the soon to be farm.
  5. EUR 75 contribution: EUR 115 products voucher redeemable on our online store/at the soon to be farm.
  6. EUR 250 contribution: A Friday to Sunday trip to our farm, including accommodation and meals for 2 persons

We want send a warm thank you to everyone that has read our crowdfunding story. Thank you so much for your support.

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