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I Is Tipu Dog On the Beach AGAIN
Update posted by Caroline Parker On Aug 10

I go to the beach a lot. When I have my operation I will have to take a break from the beach for a while until my new nose heals.
So I is making the most of it while I can. These are all my bitches playing with me and cooling off in the rabid sea. The sea has had no rabies innoculation so every monsoon it goes crazy and slavers and slobbers a lot and attacks everyone with its waves.
Then it goes back to normal for tourist season.
We have only one other male dog here. He is called Lightening and is the black and white dog in the distance with the short tail. He barks a lot, and even though he has private sponsor and feeder to look after him during monsoon, he likes to come with us on walks so he can bark many times and eat a few dog biscuits that get spilled.

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