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I Is Tipu Dog In Preparation for Operation
Update posted by Caroline Parker On Aug 05

Dear everyone and everytwo,
Cook says I may soon take the first breath through my nose in over two years. Maybe even by end of this month August.

I will be under anesthesia when I do, so I may miss it for sleeping and dreaming of the beach. But I know my friends like Dr Kiran vet of Tailwaggerz Vets will be there to see it, and they will hold the happy memory for me. Then when I wake up I will be breathing like proper dog again and breath will not be so hard for me anymore and my heart won't be so stressed and constricted anymore and I won't get any more infections in my head.

But there is a lot of work to go before and after operation, long time treatments for a few months, but things are now starting to happen and go ahead thanks to all your support of my "Give A Dog A Nose" operation fund.

I am now on pre-operation antibiotics for 2 weeks to mend my eye and ear infections that are caused by having blocked nose and sinuses. I've also had all my annual innoculations, so, for instance, I don't get rabies and go crazy and slobber over everyone.

Actuallys I slobber over everyones anyway, but that is love and affection.

Then in around 2 weeks I will start my operations.

I got two new presents to help me. First was a HUGE anti-skid feeding bowl with sloped edges for easy eating of my food when my new nose is sore and delicate.

Second was... well, I will tell you tomorrow and post photo when I tell you all about my pre-operation visit to Tailwaggerz Vets which happened on Tuesday.

Below: My new feeding bowl. It's bigger than my head!

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