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I Is Tipu Dog Yawning Tiredly
Update posted by Caroline Parker On Aug 04

Dear everyone and everytwo,

Cook says she has caught a cold. She says she knows now what it feels like to be me, unable to breathe through nose. I do not understand why she bothered to catch a cold - why didn't she catch a rat or fly or ball or one of those plenty other things that don't cause any nose problems?

So my friends, a little advice from me Tipu Dog:

Do not try attempt to catch colds or leopards. Colds and leopards are best left alone in the wild. They do nothing good at all when caught but only close your noses and make you unable to breathe.

Flies and balls and mosquitos and party balloons are safe options to catch instead, although the balloons do tend to go *POP*.

I have lots of wonderfulfilling news from today but it involved long taxi journey there and back to a far place and lots of new interesting taxi window views and people persons and things so I am too tired to write until I get up again in the morning which is very soon.

Wags and more snores until then, Tipu Dog

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