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Update posted by Celeste Dobbs On Jul 01

Re: John W. Dobbs, Florida DC (inmate no.) C00618

Jackson Correctional Institution

5563 10th Street

Malone, Florida 32445-3129

Urgent! Update: June 18, 2017

Kidnapped By The System

americanmekinguniversal.org also amku.org

King U. aka John W. Dobbs, Ninth Judicial Circuit Court for Orange County Florida, case no. 2006-CF-015201-A-O, was initiated without a sworn complaint to get the court jurisdiction over his person or the subject matter. The case docket and register of action actually starts with the statement that on “ October 25, 2006 Complaint field NONE “ that’s the first entry in the docket for his case. Both the Orange County Sheriff Office "Charging Affidavit" and the Orange County "Police Narrative" are falsely and patently void because the selection reserve for the signature and seal of a notary public is merely signed by another police officer not authorized to administer oaths. John was bought in and detain by the court as a favor to police who falsely arrested him as a favor to someone else no criminal complaint before someone authorized to administer oaths supported his initiate appearance and no probable cause affidavit supported the court order to detain him base on the fining of a probable cause according to the U.S. in Florida Constitution he has been subjected to false imprisonment base on a “ Void Process” that doesn’t exist in the true court of law.

Pass this on to Florida Federal Bureau of Investigation, Florida Congress women Val Demings, Justieadersjipusa.org (JLUSA) Leadership, media, newspaper, magazines, people in the government from all states, activists, bloggers, family, friend, subscribe to YouTube video etc.

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