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Big Updates for the Movement to Free Marissa Alexander!
Update posted by freemarissanow On Jun 23

Dear Supporters of Marissa Alexander,

Thank you for your ongoing, crucial support of Marissa Alexander’s freedom!  We have a few BIG updates:

  1. TRIAL UPDATE: Marissa’s trial has been postponed to begin on Dec 8th.  She also has a hearing on Aug 1st when a judge is expected to rule if she will get a new Stand Your Ground hearing.  The judge postponed the decision to give time to the recent changes in Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law to come into effect before he ruled. 

  2. ORGANIZING UPDATE: You are invited to organize during Standing Our Ground Week of Action, July 25-Aug 1!  Reproductive justice organization, SisterSong, is collaborating with local Free Marissa Now organizers to host activities all week in Jacksonville, FL leading up to the Aug 1st hearing.  Come to Jacksonville or prepare to make some noise in your community!  60 years in prison for self-defense???  Not on our watch!  More info here: http://www.freemarissanow.org/standing-our-ground-week.html
  3. FUNDRAISING UPDATE: Supporters have done a fantastic job of raising a total of $76K for the Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund. Marissa faces $250K in legal fees, so let's get to $100K before Aug 1st!

    To help, check out the Free Marissa Store for buttons, books, art, and much more!  All proceeds go to the Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund! PLUS: A beautiful art-based anthology entitled, No Selves to Defend: A Legacy of Criminalizing Women of Color for Self Defense, is now on sale!  The book features art and info about Marissa’s case along with cases such as the New Jersey Four, CeCe McDonald, Joan Little, and many others.  It is limited edition, and half of the books have already been sold, so purchase today!  Thank you to the Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander for organizing the store!  More info: http://www.zibbet.com/FreeMarissaAlexander

Thank you for your all you do to support Marissa and all survivors of domestic violence! E-mail us if you want to get in touch at [email protected], or connect with us at “freemarissanow” on facebook, twitter, and tumblr.  All updates can be found at freemarissanow.org.

Towards freedom,
Free Marissa Now

No Selves to Defend


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