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Hospital Journal - Part 3
Update posted by MelissaJArias On Jan 18


At 7AM, mom and OK Lori left to go home. I was incubated and out cold. Around 2PM, I had Chris from the nurses’ station call mom to see if she was still in the hospital or at home. Mom said she was home and would be back to the hospital around 630PM. I can’t believe how much my chest hurts!


Called mom at midnight because I wanted her to print the picture Dr. Takayama emailed me of the piece of catheter that was taken out of my heart. It was over 2” long. I still have a lot of pain in my chest. The Ketamine is causing some really scary hallucinations. Mom arrived at 2PM. I wasn’t sure if she was real or a mirage. They took out the arterial line from my groin. Not such a good day,
because they also pulled a chest tube.


Melissa, John, and dad came to see me early in the morning. Melissa and John asked me to be
Magilla’s godfather. I was so honored. I received 2 units of blood, then sat in the chair for a couple of hours. That took a lot out of me. It’s amazing how little things take so much out of me when I was doing flights of stairs three days ago.

Melissa was having her gender reveal party for Magilla. We had a Skype session so that I could ‘attend’ the party. When the cut the cake, it was pink, so Magilla is going to be a girl! I was relaxing when Melissa, John, and mom came and brought me a ‘reveal cupcake’ with a fondant Magilla on it. They only stayed about 2 and a half hour, and when they left, I fell right asleep.


I slept pretty good during the night. It made me feel much better. Dan and Aunt Loretta came during the day. The day started out rough because I was pretty tired from the day before. Marisa from PT came and I was able to walk. I walked around the halls, and it felt so great to stand up and walk around. I got a little tired and sleepy again. I took a nap until mom and Melissa showed up at 4PM.
They got me some pizza for dinner. Mmmmmm.

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