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What a great release party!
Update posted by Samantha Smith On Jun 21

Hi everyone!

I had an incredible album release party for Room 325 and I could not have wished for a more wonderful celebration of music, art, and good vibes all around. If you weren't there, here's a breakdown of what happened and who was there:
The party was held at The Loft in Costa Mesa with food and drinks from OC Wine School, Avalon Tours and Gina's Pizza. I had incredible art displayed all over the loft, including art by the album artist Moore Damm Art and my portrait artist K.Lilly, as well as Gigi Valdes, George Loyo, Ty Rose, and Alexander Peuchot. Even the album photographer Bleu Cotton was there taking paparazzi photos. ;) Finally, I had wonderful music, starting with Jordan Buckelew, Rick Sherman, Tina Wilson, Mark Wood and Lacey Marie, Zach Sorgen from Wake the Wild, drummer Anthony Riedelsheimer of The Music Factory, saxist Dannie Hofmann and his friend Richard (trumpet) of Private Property, bassist Bart Broadnax, guitarist Andre Rossignol, and pianist Lex Leigh. Even Dr. Barry from KOCI Radio was there to support! All links and descriptions below.
For more pictures of the party, check out Bleu Cotton's Facebook album.
I started the night with a few originals, and then handed it over to my friends and musicians to play while I signed albums, photos, and talked to everyone there, although I played more songs from the album between sets throughout the night. The food was wonderful, the drinks stayed full, and I had the time of my life. A special thank you to my parents, their friends (you know who you are), and my sister for helping out and making the party run smoothly!
So many of these people have had an influence in my performance, songwriting, or development as a person and it was such an amazing feeling to look around and see the love, passion, and happiness pulsing through the room. People came from over an hour away to play at no cost and to just be there to support me. Here are all the shout-outs and links if you want to contact them:
The Event:
The Loft - an incredible space for creative people run by the very generous Keith Page. They also do events like mine and are very reasonable and so helpful.
OC Wine School - my parents' wine classes, held at local wineries or at your home!
Avalon Wine Tours - my parents' wine tour business, all custom tours anywhere in the world.
Gina's Pizza - my uncle's pizzeria - hands-down the best pizza (and beer) in Irvine! (near UCI)
The Art:
Moore Damm Art by Dede Dammann and Amy Moore - they did the artwork for everything on the album and I wrote my thank you letters are on their cards. They create anything from wall hangings to sock monkeys and are the nicest two people in the world.
Bleu Cotton - his photo is on the back of the album. The most creative, fast, and jovial guy to take photos at your event or in his studio.
K.Lilly -  my cousin who moved to Idaho a few years ago. She did the portraits for the GoGetFunding packages. Her art is quick, affordable and genius.
Gigi Valdes - my lovely aunt who makes art but won't sell, and her good friend George Loyo.
Ty Rose - an artist from The Loft. Beautiful work!
Alexander Peuchot and his gallery The Art Box - a visual artist and makeup artist from The Loft.
The Music:
Jordan Buckelew - a singer/songwriter with a pretty face, gravely voice, and killer blues guitar.
Rick Sherman - the first man I ever sang jazz with 10 years ago! Incredible performer, knows every song in the book, and plays frequently at Baci Italian Restaurant and the Newport Harbor Elks Lodge.
Tina Wilson - wonderful jazz singer and voice-over artist. Sweetest woman in the world. Plays with Rick often.
Zach Sorgen - insane songwriter and artist. Check out his old band The Thirstbusters and his new band Wake the Wild.
Mark Wood - also knows every song in the book. I first met him when he played "Just Read" for all the children at Newport Elementary fifteen years ago. He was the one who got me playing at the Blue Beet! He also has a very talented daughter Lacey Marie who sings jazz.
Anthony Riedelsheimer - fantastic drummer and runs The Music Factory, a marvelous music school in Santa Ana with private lessons for all instruments.
Dannie Hofmann - fabulous sax player, and a part of jazz group Private Property, which recently brought in Richard who was playing trumpet at the party!
Bart Broadnax - the only bassist I have ever played with in California - always there, always spot-on, always generous and patient. (Pretty sure he gives private lessons.)
Andre Rossignol ([email protected]) - one of my first guitar teachers (he still does private lessons!) and his wife Diana Fisher ([email protected]) was my voice teacher (and still gives private lessons!)
Lex Leigh - Fabulous jazz pianist and violinist. Nowadays he musically directs and plays broadway music. Perfect for your next classy party. ;)
101.5 KOCI - Barry was at the release and has always been there to bring me into the studio during his show on Sunday afternoons. KOCI is always looking for donations and sponsors - don't let my generation's music take over the radio, please...
Once again, thank you! If you need more information on anyone mentioned above feel free to email me. The album Room 325 will be publicly released on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 and directly available at cdbaby.com (search Sam Avalon). It should be released on iTunes and Amazon shortly thereafter, however, keep in mind that you can always buy a digital download or a hard copy directly through me at my GoGetFunding Page... I only make about $6 per album on those other sites! I should also appear on sites like Pandora once the album is processed, so keep a lookout for Sam Avalon!
I have decided to keep the GoGetFunding page open indefinitely, and here's why: once I raise enough money to cover my costs and pay all my musicians a fair wage (I'm halfway there), any additional funds will go towards some very needed recording equipment for both my community-service based children's choir, YSOC (www.YoungSingersOC.org) and the Vassar Devils a cappella group at Vassar College (who sang on the final track of the album - http://vsa.vassar.edu/orgs/vassardevils/). 
I am packing now to leave for a job with a Japanese non-profit called The Ashinaga Foundation, which will be sending me to and from Japan and Senegal for the next year. I will keep an updated music blog on the GoGetFunding Page and my websitewww.SamAvalon.com. Keep spreading the word and sharing the love! Thank you!
- Sam Avalon 
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