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Update posted by Samantha Smith On May 29

Hi Everyone,

We are past $5,000! This means that the money from here can start to go towards paying these musicians for their fine work on the album... so keep spreading the word and sharing me around. :) 

I just got off the phone with Mark, who is mixing and mastering the album. He is sending me the final tracks within the next hour! I sat with him for two days (and he worked a little bit on his own obviously) to edit the tracks... It was incredible to watch him work. There are a few clips I took of "before-and-afters" of the tracks he was fixing up that I am including in the "behind-the-scenes" video that you might have bought! I brought a few Vassar Devils in too (from my a cappella group) and they were amazed/so inspired. If anyone is reading this and wants their stuff mixed and/or mastered, go to www.markdannrecording.com. He is super fast and very aware of your budget. 

I also have been talking to Dede and Karen, who are doing the artwork for the album and the portraits that are included in the benefits on the main page. They are looking really factastic. Theme colors are my favorite: tourquoise and red. :) 

I also just flew in to CA last night... happy to be here, but already missing Vassar. Never again will I be 5 minutes away from a free recording studio, amazing musicians, best friends, endless amounts of alcohol, endless amounts of books, and infinite fun and love. I'm hoping to find that wherever I go, but right now, I am feeling for Vassar like I've never been homesick before. The album is going to be an incredible piece of nostalgia for me, forever. :)

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