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Done! (well, almost...)
Update posted by Samantha Smith On May 27

Well, I guess you can say my album is done, at least as far as everything I can do myself. We finished the final marathon "pre-mastering" session with Mark Dann (over 10 hours!) around midnight last Friday, and now it's up to him to work his mastering magic for me. Terry, my guitar teacher who is SOOOO much more than that, was of course by my side all the time. I owe him so much! Going to post a couple of clips of his comments on the process up here soon (excerpts from the "behind the scenes" video).

And, I graduated on Sunday. So you're no longer supporting a college kids I guess! 

It's time to adjust to being a grown-up, so this project will really help to keep my mind off the sadness of leaving the incredible home I had the past 4 years at Vassar College. 

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