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Therapy has started!
Update posted by melgc On Sep 16

Hello everybody! I know I have not yet reached my ideal goal, but my productivity levels and persistent hurtful thoughts had gotten to a point that I had trouble getting important work done. With everyone's blessing, I started my therapy sessions to address the problems before they become worse.

I was able to find a center that allowed me to avail of a sliding-scale ratio to encourage me not to drop out of the therapy program for at least 12 weeks. I have gone to two sessions so far, and both have been incredibly helpful. I feel most comfortable here out of all the places I have tried so far, so I am hopeful that everything goes well!

Still, I need to continue raising funds so that I can keep going even after 12 weeks, especially if it later turns out that I'll need medication to address some problems. As such, I am still open for donations, and I am open for commissions (art, bracelets, hand-painted notebooks, graphic design - hit me up!)

I will be posting about my therapy sessions and experiences in implementing positive changes in my self-care blog, Kasiyahan.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support so far, everyone. I couldn't have made it this far without you.

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