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Thank You All So Much
Update posted by melgc On Jul 15

A self-portrait of Mel overcome with tears of gratitude

I'm feeling so completely overwhelmed with gratefulness tonight. I was afraid that if I shared my problems out in the open, I would be met with a deluge of comments ranging from "attention-seeker" to "depression isn't real" to "you're faking". So I was really afraid when I decided to try sharing it here, bracing myself for the worst.


I was completely wrong. Instead, all I have been met with is unwavering kindness, support, and love from my friends. Some have offered to contribute to my fund by donating or commissioning me. A lot have spread the word. So many have given me encouraging words. I've even been given tips on places I could go to for therapy, and had a great friend offer to do art commissions in exchange for donations for me. Yes, the site itself may not be overflowing with donations, but there is no monetary value for the generosity I have received here, coupled with the acts of kindness of my online friends as well.


And now I think: why in the world did I ever think any of these wonderful people would judge me in the first place?


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Even just your moral support was able to give me another boost to finish more of my work tonight. I am so lucky to have such understanding people in my life.

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