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Thank you so much for encouraging me.
Update posted by melgc On Jul 12

Really. Thank you. I was feeling particularly bad this week, partly in despair that I may never afford to get treatment, but since last night after getting some more donations and a commission, they gave me enough of a boost and I was able to get back on my feet and finish some work that had been eating at me for weeks.

Speaking of which, GoGetFunding states that if we reach $100 in the meter, it’ll publicly list the fundraiser in their directory. We’re currently at $40 (not counting donations gathered off the site.) Regardless of whether we reach that much or not, I just feel so, so grateful to have people’s support.

Every small amount counts, and they give me a glimmer of hope. :') Thank you to everyone who's donated so far, and to everyone who's shared the word with others.

Love lots,

Mel <3

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