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Merger Complete!!
Update posted by Joseph Lang On Jan 20

When we first started this campaign we had begun using another crowd funding source. After becoming dissatisfied with the limitations our fund raising campaign was subjected to we then decided to test this service out.

Our use of this service has been so much of a success that we decided to cancel our previous fund raising page and merge both fund raising campaigns here. As a result, the initial amount that we were raising on this site has changed from $5,366.00 to $10,732.00.

We have successfully added the funds we've gathered from our previous donations page to this one. You can see exactly how much we transferred from the previous page in the "raised offline" section of this page.

Thank you for your continued support of our cause. We hope to be able to continue our efforts throughout 2014 but wouldn't be able to succeed without supporters such as you.

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