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Round 3
Update posted by Sheri Malone On Nov 24

Had a little setback two weeks ago.  Jim wasn't feeling well & the PA had his chest x-rayed.  They found the start of pneumonia so his chemo got pushed back a week.  Had chemo last Thursday & had a new, weird & disconcerting side effect.  After Jim woke up from napping during his 2nd drug, he said 1/2 the vision in his right eye was "blank".  The nurse thought it was odd & said to let the staff know if it happened again.  Long story shortened, it continued to happen off & on Thursday and Friday, always a different spot & eye.  Called his oncologist & he said to get Jim to an ophthalmologist or the ER on Friday.  We were able to get an "emergency" appointment with an ophthalmologist and thankfully his eyes are structurally sound.  The Dr.thinks it may be a neurological issue caused by his chemo.  One more thing to discuss with the oncologist when he goes back the first week of December.  That day will be long but important.  Jim will have a PET OR CT scan (whichever the insurance will allow) to check on the progress of his chemo.  Pray the tumors are shrinking!

On a lighter note...Jim the skeptic actually agreed to give acupuncture a try!  His fatigue seemed a little better for a short while until his big badass chemo drug he gets over 46 hours kicked in.  He's agreed to continue with the acupuncture with each chemo treatment.  Hopefully he will see more benefit as time goes on.  The nice thing is MD Anderson offers the acupuncture for free!

We just want to say again how grateful we are for the love & support that have been shown to us.

Love & blessings

Jim & Sheri

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