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Campaign successful! Thanks to everyone!
Update posted by Caroline Parker On Sep 11

Thanks to everyone for supporting this feeding programme. We have closed this fund as we now have enough food in stock to feed all the dogs and cats we to need to until mid-November and perhaps a bit longer. The tourists will be back by then (they're already starting to arrive) and hopefully all the dogs and cats will have a happy tourist season with plenty of food from restaurants and tourists.

Additional help has also just arrived to feed animals here, so the situation in Agonda is looking good!

If you would like to contribute to a related fund, please see Tipu Dog's "Give A Dog A Nose" fund at https://gogetfunding.com/give-a-dog-a-nose/

Thanks from all the dogs - Monkey, Barbie, Lilly, Mama Mia, Turtle, Tipu, Boris girl, Boris boy, Shanti, Pamela, LifeSaver, Weasel, the other 3 lifeguard dogs, Shanti's 6 puppies, Jelly, Dolly, Max, Lassi, Charlie Brownie, Tommy, Debbie, Fat Slag, Goa Puppy, Skinny Pup, Brownie Dog - plus all the "unnamed dogs" - and from the cats - Whitey, Blue-Eye, Philip, Davey, Mummy, Solar, Sid, the 3 "unnamed ginger kittens", Maaza, Tortie, Midge, Ginger-Spot - plus all the other "unnamed cats".

Many of these animals would have not survived monsoon without your support and the fact that by feeding them regularly we could also spot any medical problems/wounds/illnesses etc. and get them the attention they needed.

We are going to continue to keep an eye on all the dogs and cats that we met during this feeding programme, even after all the food has gone.

Thanks, wags, woofs and purrs from Agonda.

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