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Feeding Fund Dogs on The Beach - Video
Update posted by Caroline Parker On Aug 09

Video taken 10 August 2015 (1 minute video):

This was after visiting the lifeguard dogs for feeding. Returning home up the beach...
Today Monkey, Lassi, the beach-cleaner's dog and the lifeguard dogs were fed, in addition to the everyday dogs - Barbie (the tall golden dog with curly tail), Mama Mia, Jelly, Lilly, Turtle (the skinny brown and white dog with blue collar - she was very sick and emaciated when found by the fund and is slowly getting fatter - she gets as much food as she will eat), Tipu (the German Shepherd) and Boris Girl (the one who jumps up).
Lightening, the black and white dog in the distance with the short tail, has a private monsoon feeder, but he even got a few extra dog biscuits as a treat!

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