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RIP Bendy Dog - A Beautiful Soul
Update posted by Caroline Parker On Aug 06

Very sad news as one of the dogs on the feeding programme has been found dead. He lived right up at the far north end of the beach.

The original suspicion was some sort of accidental poisoning but it turns out he died a natural death.
He was 13 or 14 years old - which is old for an Agonda dog - and had quite a few problems for a while. The person who minded him had got the vet several times, and treated him with medicine, but he continued to have problems and eventually died naturally. He was born with problems, including very crooked limbs, and in a way the problems continued to plague him through his life - though he had the love and support and enjoyment of so many locals and foreigners.

When this feeding fund met him on the beach, despite being thin, he never would eat that much. He could have all the food he wanted but would wander away after a short time. It was old age that got him in the end.

Such a pity and such sad news. So many people loved Bendy Dog and supported him through this fund. He was born with crooked limbs but was a lovely gentle kind soul.

He was hand fed by this fund because he was such a polite dog that he would let other dogs steal his food. The only way we could ensure he got his food was to hand feed him while keeping other dogs away.

It's even more sad because plans had been put in place this week to provide extra attention, food and care for him... the plans came just to late... although it would have perhaps been impossible to save him.

Here are two photos of Bendy Dog just after being fed - and as you can see, he needs it. Rest in peace Bendy, your soul will live on with so many on Agonda Beach.

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