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Update posted by Caroline Parker On Aug 04

So many updates to post... abandoned kittens rescued, re-homed kittens, fostered kittens... dogs all healthy and well-fed, cats getting help... so many successes in recent weeks. All the fund to date has been spent - and all the resulting dog and cat food - over two hundred kilos to last until mid-November - is in stock in the feeding centre.

Pedigree India gave this fund a 20% discount on food, so 174kg of Pedigree Dog Food and Whiskas Cat Food have been bought and delivered... Another 20x dog worming tablets have been bought today (will treat 200kg worth of dog)....

A sister-fund Give A Dog A Nose has started - https://gogetfunding.com/give-a-dog-a-nose/ - for the noseless, homeless, starving German Shepherd "Tipu Dog" that this fund has rescued from starving alone on the beach. His nose was bitten off by a leopard and a maggot infection in the wound closed his nostrils completely but the nose wound is still subject to infections and creates a lot of pain for him. Currently his nose is completely closed off - he cannot breathe through it or smell... and he gets chronic ear and eye infections as a result of the blocked nostrils and sinuses.
But soon he will get a new nose opening and nose reconstruction (thanks to the wonderful support of Dr Kiran and his colleagues at Tailwaggerz Vets Margao and Panjim) and will be able to breathe through his nose and smell again!

All receipts are already available on request - and will be posted publicy on this fund page in the coming days... it's just a case of finding the time to publish them here. The priority is to feed and treat the so many dogs and cats this fund supports everyday... all the paperwork will appear here shortly.

Wags, woofs, meows and purrs from Agonda.

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