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Feeding the "Lifeguard" Dogs
Update posted by Jaycee G On Jul 23

A video below of some of the "lifeguard" dogs being fed (plus a few of the other feeding-fund dogs who came along for the walk).
The "Lifeguard" dogs are being supplied with food by another dog-lover, which takes the pressure off this fund to feed them all everyday (it is difficult to count them all, there are 7, 8, 9 dogs there?).
Some local people keep the food and feed it to them everyday.
Food stocks are replenished regularly.
This fund supplies supplementary feeding, which makes the dogs very happy, but also serves the purpose of getting all the lifeguard dogs together on the beach so this fund can check for any medical problems, give worming tablets and also regularly handfeed the thin, elderly female among them called Marrionetta (also known as Pamela) who tends to get pushed away from food by the other, younger dogs (she's the pale blonde dog that appears at about 23 seconds in).
The dog-lover who supplies food to these dogs doesn't live in Agonda, so cannot be here every week to check on them. This fund helps bridge the gaps to ensure Marrionetta gets handfed, and everything is ok between her visits. Different groups working together and keeping in touch is wonderful for all the dogs.

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