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Update posted by Bela Lucaci On Dec 08

About This Project

Hello my name is Bela and I'm from Romania,currently living in the USA.

What is this project about?

I am trying to raise money for my dear father and best friend Adalbert ,who last year had a cerebrovasculare accident,also commonly known as a stroke.It happened very suddenly and the whole family was devastated.My father lost his ability to walk,talk and has a hard time remembering just about anything.My mother ,Ecaterina is doing a terrific job taking care of him,such as feeding and bathing him,teaching him how to communicate the basics,writing his own name and showing him pictures of the entire family every day to refresh his memory.It truly brakes my heart knowing that I can't be there to nurse him.Because of my financial situation,my family and I were not able to go visit him back in Europe.But there is still hope.The medications that he needs is actually a shot called "CEREBROLYSIN" that is a lot more expensive in Europe then in the US.This is is injected into the neck to help blood cloths thin out.The doctors said it's too late for surgery but he still needs a couple of MRI's done and twice a week of physical therapy.

     He taught me how to ride a bike,he handcarved a lot of toys for me and my friends and most of all he taught me how to be a man.It's my turn now to give back .

Any small donation would mean a lot ,so me and my family could buy him the medication needed and hopefully go back to Romania to visit him.I promise to each one of the donators that I will send a postcard from Satu Mare,Romania.

   Christmas is about love,family,generosity and happiness and I hope that I will be with father and mother this Christmas.Thank you very much and have a Merry Christmas :

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