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Rewards have been updated!
Update posted by Jorge Torres On Dec 16


Hello to all.  

Dollar Store Project Funding has teamed up with JD Reservations in an effort to fulfill our goal.  They have given us 4 packages to raffle to our supporters, with no extra fee.  The other package will have to pay a 100 dollar reservation fee.  The total cost for this vacation package ranges from 1400 to 1600 dollars.  Today it can be yours for as little as 15 dollars to the lucky winners, or for a low cost of 250 dollars.  Let us break it down to you.

Rewards for this campaign have been updated to the following:

Reward 1

You donate 10 dollars or more and you qualify for the four (4) raffles that will take place in January 9,16,23, and 30 of the upcoming year.  Raffle winners are guaranteed a Hotel stay in Orlando for 2 with 2 Disney park tickets included, staying for 5 days and 4 nights.  Also, there are 3 days and 2 night in Miami FL with a cruise included in the package.  This reward requires no reservation fee.

Reward 2

Reward 2 is the same as reward 1, except that once you donate the 175 dollars, you shall receive your reward rather than waiting for the raffle drawings.  This reward requires the donor to pay a reservation fee of 100 dollars total.  This fee broken down looks like this:  Orlando Hotel stay per person is 25 dollars, (x2) = 50.  Miami Hotel stay is 25 dollars (x2) = 50 totalling out to 100 dollars.  This fee can be of 50 dollars if the person goes alone.


Certain Restrictions apply:

Donors claiming their reward must be of age 25 or older.  If a married couple, they must live together.  Men are not allowed to be alone, but women however, over the age of 25 may book this hotel stay on their own.  At least one must have a valid credit card, and their annual income must be of 50k or more.  


Dollar Store Project Funding and JD Reservations are not resposible for the transportation between Orlando and Miami or viceversa.  Airfares are not included with this package either, and its up to the person  to arrange what type of transportation they will need when vacationing.  


And finally...

Make sure you like our fan page on facebook to keep up to date with our raffles and anything pertaining to what is going on.  Also, once you donate, don't forget to register your donation for approval on the raffle.

Thanks and have a good hope.  

Good luck to all of you!

Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/DollarStoreProjectFundRaiser

Registration Page: http://www.jotorres.com/registration/

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