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Helping to understand this surgery
Update posted by Aimee Barousse On Sep 15
I asked Gina to help me better understand this surgery. Here's an explanation below: From Gina: Yes, the problem is since the surgery on my leg from January, I have developed a ton of scar tissue around my ankle and I cannot step flat like normal heel to toe. I can only do toe to heel. So, the big toe is the worst. That one and three other toes have the pressure wounds that have become infected 3 x now. Huge risk of reinfection since they cannot heal due to pressure on them. I cannot avoid putting pressure on them since my foot cannot go down properly. %a0%a0They will be removing scar tissue, cutting my tendons so my toes will sit flat, as they are curled under. They will be cutting my Achilles tendon as well (ouch). The flap will have liposuction to help it be shaped like a more normal looking shape of a leg. He will also try to soothe the deep spots on my leg that look like valleys, but it will never be the same . %a0%a0It will look like a bad burn. I can accept that. I just need to walk correctly. %a0%a0 Pressure wounds and this type of infection is what killed Christopher Reeve. He eventually did not respond to antibioitcs and it was all in his blood stream. My walk is off and my spine is out of line from walking with one hip higher than the other. It is not fun and scary.
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