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Update posted by Kristina Allocco On Sep 16

Just went over the "official" itinerary for the trip! The first four days will be near our contact Soloman and the Adwa Ber School. Along with working in the slum and the school in the morning, one afternoon the group of us fitness junkies are getting access to bicycles and being taken on a ride through the local villiage.

The last days will be at the compound near King Gezahegn. He lives off the compound in order to remain impartial, but this will have the larger turnout of the two. The name of the school is not on the itinerary, it was referred to as "our" school. Since most of those going on the trip have been there before, they all know exactly what that means, but I'll need to be filled in later about the relationship with various people there. I've been told that when we reach the compound people will seemingly appear out of nowhere. Most have never seen a doctor and come to take advantange of the opportunity. And while they are all waiting to be seen one at a time, I'll be with the children in the school teaching!

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