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Update posted by Toni Raev On Feb 14, 2019

So far I have worked on a new, World's plan.

My best abillity is to fixate, and I chose a problem to solve, and it took secounds. Then I picked another one, and another one and couple of more until I realised, I will never have enought time to solve every problem even though it takes around 2 secs to solve one.

Than I tryied to do a, " Lazy Work " and I was looking to find a way to do One thing and solve all problems.

The truth is I can do alot for my self because I honour who I am, but what can we all do if we honoured each and another? I'm 28 and I have lived in more than 10 differently Amazing places.

The world is great, a gift as our lifes which are precious, as the earth we step on. Because we made it. Humans created the " Value " as whole, and yet we have no real value.

I say to end on poverty and discrimination, we humans are worth more. Every person have a potential that no one else has, but not many of us has the chance. And so we get stuck, some people " fakes " their jobs, or humiliate them selfs because they have no choice. Mothers are killing theyr unborn babies because they don't have the finance to live forget about proving your self.

So my coalition is;

To equal chances, in the opportunities to evolve.

The egg or the chicken?

Whatever 1x+1y that made the 1i, or

The chance that 1 had to meet another 1 and without interaction evolved to something new, whatever you choose the egg or the chicken.

Every person has helped for the " Value " of the world, so every person should hold this value because with no human interaction there is no value. We can end poverty and jelousy, hate and bring harmony to all of us if we are together.

So to help the coalition I have started a petitions where I gather signatures for;

" The World's Agreement Of Fair ", where we all agree that is fair to be equal, for the development of us as a human race and the evolvation of our Planet.

If we are all equal and have let's say:

300 trillion to each person for example in a computer type of money, and we live to do better, where we all do our work, whatever that is to be, but together as humans without harming each other, if use the money for limited purschases of for example, upto 2 houses, 2 cars etc... the government would have more income just everyone else, with the money we employ everyone for the one purpose to do no harm and by having life funds everyone will be able to help the way they want.

If you would like to sign for a better future please get in touch, I can only do it with your help.

Thank you for time, and until the next time,


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