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Please Fund Beau’s Appeal for Vicious Verdict

- - Due to the CORONAVIRUS we have applied for an extension to RETAIN Legal Counsel for the Appellate Court - - Thank you and praying for everyone to be healthy and get through this pandemic. God bless all of you! ❤️🙏

Here Is Beau’s Tragic Story:

My son Beau was railroaded for a crime he did not even commit, by a corrupted police department and justice system! It’s never a good time to get arrested; however, for Beau, it became a life or death situation.

Beau was bedridden and handicapped, having fought six years of life-threatening diseases which ranged from lung cancer, brain tumor, multiple head traumas, Biotoxin Disease, Toxic Mold, Lyme Disease, CFS/ME, CIRS, MRSA, MCAS and PTSD. https://youtu.be/B_Y7-xD9Z5M

Beau was literately a prisoner of his dying body when out-of-their-jurisdiction, these small town corrupted cops arrived at our doorstep to put Beau into another prison, their death-trap-county-jail.

The San Luis Obispo County Jail has one of the highest mortality rates in California and offers ZERO medical care, even though a pediatrician-with-only-four-years-experience is being paid $340K a year to act as the Jail’s Chief Medical Officer! https://calcoastnews.com/2018/06/staffers-allege-mismanagement-at-the-slo-county-jail/

San Luis Obispo’s intentional criminal activities against my son were ludicrously motivated by their greed to claim their 15 Minutes of Fame on the popular TV Show 48Hours, which exploits hundreds of innocent people! On Beau’s segment, a San Luis Obispo Police Officer withheld the truth when Peter Van Zant asked if Beau was really ill. The Officer answered, “No, he’s just acting!” This Officer deliberately lied, because I had provided hundreds of pages showing Beau had seen 55 medical doctors from Germany to Switzerland to Mexico (twice) and at numerous other clinics in the United States, all with devastating diagnoses of my son’s failing health.

Beau was erroneously arrested and subjected to gross criminal neglect through cruel, inhumane and deliberate indifference while awaiting trial at the San Luis Obispo County Jail - and for over one year! It’s beyond belief that Beau is still alive, after being denied his prescribed medications and desperately needed medical care. Beau was under the care of several medical specialists when he was arrested!

Most vicious was the Jail’s refusal to provide Beau with his prescribed wheelchair, causing Beau many dangerous accidents - one in particular rendered him unconscious, during which time he had actually stopped breathing.

As of this moment, Beau is almost fully paralyzed, has difficulty breathing, swallowing and speaking. Often when he calls me, he just listens to my voice, because he can’t say a word.

Additionally, Beau’s 4th Amendment Rights regarding Search and Seizure were viciously violated, because he was taken into custody without an arrest warrant, without a search warrant, without his Miranda Rights being read to him, all because San Luis Obispo was OUT OF THEIR JURISDICTION and did not want a paper trail proving they had acted illegally.

Furthermore, our Appeal is based on the fact that Beau’s Rights to Privacy were blatantly and insidiously violated by San Luis Obispo Law Enforcement and their DA’s office, which had initiated an illegal investigation because they wanted to be featured on the TV Show, 48Hours - all at the expense of my son’s well-being!

- - It is unconscionable to think these people were willing to let my son die, just to claim their 15 Minutes of Fame on television!

- - I’d really like to know how much money the City of San Luis Obispo was paid by the CBS 48Hours News Show.

- - I know they paid approximately $10K in attorney fees to file just one motion to film my son’s trial for their show, but they lost that battle when the Judge said, “Denied!”

On January 14, 2020

San Luis Obispo Citizens March in Protest re Corrupt Judicial System from Law Enforcement to the Courts!

SLO County Jail has criminally treated prisoners and approx 14 have died in custody past 6 years.

Google Andrew Holland whose family won 5 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit.

Also, Google SLO County Jail to uncover a national story of a small town's never-ending insidious corruption.


To retain Legal Counsel for the Appellate Court, Beau needs $10K by January 23, 2020. The entire appeal process on Beau’s Case B300583, can only be done by an Attorney; otherwise, we would do it ourselves.

I am begging anyone who can, to please make a donation. My son is innocent! Yet, he was railroaded by corrupted officials and now has to live with a felony on his record. Please, help me get justice for my son. My dream is to get him healthy once again and following his true passion which is filmmaking.

Beau was an Actor from age 7 to 11 and during this time an avid filmmaker. Here is a Video, which went viral in 2012, which Beau starred in and coproduced with his friend Marc Donahue. Check it out:

If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected]

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time, consideration, support and donations.

I’m wishing everyone a Happy New Year and continued success and happiness!

Warmest regards,




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