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Update posted by Irena Ateljevic On Dec 16, 2020

We have a Christmas gift idea for you – a tree that you can buy for someone with their name on it. With each tree bought, you will receive a beautifully designed Terra Meera Christmas e-card gift that you can also print to place under the Christmas tree.

It's simple:

1 - Donate Name a Tree(s)

2 - Email us

Your name (the one you've entered when buying the tree through our fundraiser page) and the name of your friend at [email protected] Please use the subject line "Christmas Tree". If you've bought several trees for several different people, please mention it in your email.

3 - Receive your card

Print it or email it!

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Donate €10.00 Or More

THANK YOU. We would not be able to do this without YOU! We will be proud to add your name or the name of your project to our list of supporters that will forever welcome all the great individuals and projects coming to Terra Meera.

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Donate €57.00 Or More

NAME A TREE. Each of our trees will grow and thrive for one of you who supported this dream. We want to walk this orchard next year and remember your contributions and your good heart. You are invited to come and taste the fruits of your tree and enjoy our beautiful land.

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Donate €150.00 Or More

FEMALE LEADERSHIP COACHING. One time session (150eur - 3 trees) / 3 months mentorship (900EUR - 16 trees) OR 6 months mentorship (1650 - 29 trees)- We want you to grow and your project to thrive. Weather you will be coming to Terra Meera or not we want to open up our community to you. That is why we offer a project or personal coaching sessions for women provided by the TM foundress Dr Irena Ateljevic. In the one time 2-hour session you will work on seeing your strengths and clearing your vision in order to move towards putting your ideas in motion. In the 3 or 6 months mentorship program Irena will work with you 2 times a month in 2-hour sessions in order to define what is your deep desire, help you put your business on the feet, gather support for your project, clear your ideas and move towards realisation, get confident in following your dream. In the process, she will especially emphasize to the importance of tapping into your Shakti leadership power. The sessions are to be booked through 2020-2025, on a first come first serve basis.

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Donate €1000.00 Or More

GROW AND SHOW YOUR DREAM (18 trees). One day for your event at Terra Meera - One day workshop, seminar, congress on the topic close to your heart? Or a private event? How amazing is that, moving from cold halls and boring offices into a beautiful place in the nature where the water flows and the birds sing as you bring people together over the passion you share. Whether you are talking about green economies, for purpose businesses, practicing dance meditation or offering coaching we have the space that welcomes you. You are invited to use our beautiful dome and all the land that is Terra Meera, kitchen and toilets facilities. We will also do an introduction into the area, places to see and provide contact with local suppliers (accommodation, food, etc.) / SMALL GROUP 1-20 people, if you have a bigger team feel free to get a double package (20-50 people, potentially more, depending on the event type) Starting from spring 2021.

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Donate €1550.00 Or More

WORKING RESIDENCE ON THE ISLAND (30 trees). Sometimes before we go out in the world and talk about our dreams we need a peaceful hiding place where we can map out our ideas and nurture them until they are strong enough to look at the face of the world. Our island is that place. If you need a quiet refuge in a fully self-sustainable house with no distractions to work on your ideas the Meera in Terra Meera is waiting for you. This is the secret laboratory of dreams where the idea of Terra Meera was born and where it waited for this moment. We know this place has the capacity to birth many more great ideas that serve the people and the planet. Blue skies, turquoise sea and no neighbours :) Available March-May and September- October 2021-2025, 6 nights, up to 4 people

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Donate €4000.00 Or More

CREATE AND EXPERIMENT at Terra Meera (70 trees). One week you have the beautiful Terra Meera just for you! Workshops, seminars, congresses, meetups, celebrations and ceremonies, all topics are welcome as long as you take care of our planet and respect our fellow humans. Between our beautiful dome, all the land that is Terra Meera and an open kitchen space we can accommodate all kinds of events. What we dream about is having Terra Meera as a meeting ground for great initiatives and we wish you, our supporters to be among them. Once you come and see the untouched nature you will be certain as we are that there is no better space to create together. All kitchen and toilets facilities are for you to use and we will also do an introduction into the area, places to see and provide contact with local suppliers (accommodation, food, etc.) / SMALL GROUP 1-20 people, if you have a bigger team feel free to get a double package (20-50 people, potentially more, depending on the event type) Starting from spring 2021.

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Donate €10000.00 Or More

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (175 trees). Congratulations, you have reached the CSR goals of your business by backing an environmental and social project of great value. We will organise a team building nature experience or a planting day for you. From summer 2021 - you will always have a place to visit and enjoy the shade of the trees you have planted- one day a year is permanently booked for you and your team to use the facilities of Terra Meera for team buildings, festivities, workshops (dates to be discussed each year in advance) for the next 7 years. We will provide an introduction into the area and connect you with local suppliers (accommodation, food, etc), while you use our beautiful Dome, kitchen and toilets facilities. We will also provide a Terra Meera media package that you can use across your media to talk about your contribution. If you are more interested in experiencing Terra Meera for just 1 or a few days and still getting the CSR value - the ‘Grow and show your project’ reward is what you are looking for, so just scroll up.

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Backed On Nov 07, 2021 Amount Hidden


Faruk Redzic

Backed with €1.00 On Aug 25, 2021


More breath for Momma

Fatma Genc

Backed with €150.00 On Jul 30, 2021



Backed with €57.00 On Jul 08, 2021


Benedikt Ehrenfels

Backed with €150.00 On Jun 29, 2021


Beautiful, inspiring project. <3 I'm honoured to be a part of it. <3


Backed with €57.00 On Apr 17, 2021


Thank you for your energy and effort for this precious earth. Hopefully I will be able to see this place live!

Julia Miglus

Backed with €30.00 On Apr 16, 2021


This project speaks to my heart so much. Deeply grateful for the work you are doing with and for the Mother and very happy to be able to follow along online. <3

Eva Burdack

Backed with €30.00 On Apr 11, 2021


I am happy to donate so 3 trees will be planted for my 3 children : Doina, Ludmila, Vladimir Andrei

Oana Juncu

Backed with €171.00 On Apr 04, 2021


Thank you Irena for planting trees and saving the seeds! Let the tree name be ALISA.

Sandra Vlasic

Backed with €57.00 On Mar 29, 2021

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