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Be part of a change you want to see in Malaysia. We are now known as new Malaysia, and now it’s time to make changes to the people of Malaysia. Japan has a beautiful culture and etiquette where punctuality is prioritized and that being late just even for 1 minute can be a huge matter in Japan, even when the train is slightly late, people are given a personal apology. The list goes on to the cleanliness of the environment, to the many unsuspecting people on the street could be someone of an important position in the organization but it is hard to distinguish them from common people because Japanese people also place a value on humility. These qualities build a great nation, and now it is time to bring these qualities to the Malaysian people.

This program is aimed to learn how these qualities are built and developed for the people of Japan and the data will be used for the implementation in Malaysia. The program will bring the team to an in-depth view by going to the Seito village in Japan and see how they live. How it works is the team will stay with the family in Seito village for some time to learn and observe by themselves how the Japanese live.

The program will also bring the team to elementary school and Rikyo University and learn how their education impacts to the people of Japan. We always believe that education is always the most important part to build a great nation.

We are aware that character building is the most essential part rather than just relying on exam-oriented curriculum to build a great nation. This is to have a balanced individual who knows empathy and possess integrity as well as responsibility and have vast knowledge to navigate a nation.

Help us build Malaysia to be a great nation, this pledge will help us to fund our journey from flight tickets, gear up our supplies, education materials and our living when we are doing our research there in Japan.

These are the meeting that we have done so far to achieve our mission target, in the picture there are "Sensei" (teacher in Japan) and team members.


If you believe in the power of educating and empowering people to build a greater Malaysia that you are proud to be a part of, please make a donation and share this campaign. We believe in change, do you? Be a part of the breakthrough and make the changes now.


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