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Our Story

Batch & Co is a Specialty coffee shop based in South West London. Established in 2016 by SW2 local Jen Batchelor, Batch & Co is not your average coffee shop. After an extensive passionate career in informal education and community work, Jen's long term dream was to bring this background together with her passion and love of speciality coffee & create a hub where anyone in the community could kick back & chill & be part of something.

An inclusive and sustainable business, Batch and Co was built to support everyone in the journey; the farmer, the roaster, and the barista; while giving the customer an exceptional coffee experience. Since opening, Batch & Co has won awards for Best Coffee Shop & Best Newcomer in the local area. We were also the runner up in Overall Business in Streatham and are a regular feature in the go-to coffee guide for London, Allegra’s Official London Coffee Guide.

Using her previous experience of empowering young people to develop their skills, Jen is supported by a team of local young staff, many of whom began their careers with Batch & Co. This community drive has seen Batch & Co partner with local entrepreneurs and new start ups to offer exciting after hours classes and events, including life drawing, gin masterclasses, yoga, wine & cheese tastings and craft fares. As well as allowing local craft makers & artists to sell their product in the shop's retail section. Batch & Co also has provided a space for fundraisers for Streatham Film Festival, and supported the work of entrepreneur support organisation Tree Shepherd, and South London Cares, by giving them the space to use regularly & thus support groups often marginalised from society.

This fun, energetic vibe has made Batch and Co a sought after hub for fresh produce, great coffee and creative expression.

To celebrate their three year birthday, Batch and Co is launching this Crowdfunding Campaign to help expand their activities into the community and continue to provide ethical, sustainable and delicious produce to all. If you are in the area, pop in to check out the space and enjoy a free coffee on us!


With people at the heart of Batch and Co, we’re looking to share the love in neighbouring postcodes in Lambeth's borough SW16 & SW9, as well as launching a more extensive evening offering at all sites of local craft beers, small plates & a new cocktail menu.

With new sites, Batch and Co would offer more employment opportunities to local young people, supporting them to develop their skills across the hospitality industry and progress into more managerial positions. Batch & Co would also invest in more exciting, socially-conscious projects, including Redemption Roasters, the first prison-based coffee roastery which prepares young people re-entering society with the skills needed for a fresh start in the coffee industry.


Exceptional coffee comes at a price; therefore all money raised by this crowdfunding campaign will go into the development of more Batch & Co sites, including:

  • a La Marzocco coffee machine
  • 2 Mazzer grinders
  • a Marco brewer
  • Brita water filter
  • Other bits of barista equipment such as tamper & coffee scales.
  • EPOS system

The rest of the monies will be spent on refurbishing the new site with recycled and up cycled materials. The owner Jen will cover the rest of the funds needed to complete the projects.


Any extra funds raised will be invested in growing our community projects, sourcing sustainable produce and purchasing further equipment & refurbishing the space.


Batch & Co is asking for £16,000, which is the minimum costings required for the second stores coffee equipment set up & EPOS system

In return, we are offering an exciting range of rewards for every budget - as well as Jen’s undying gratitude and the knowledge your generosity is supporting the local community. From coffee and food offers, and limited edition merchandise to exclusive event invitations, and year-long discounts, there’s something for everyone!


Check out the section to the right for all the details on our pledges, and below more details on the VIP membership & the big one Patron of Batch & Co……… those rewards are 2 big to fit in those small boxes :)

Please also note the Batch & Co/Caravan Coffee is so limited edition it's only going to be available September 2019, and when its gone its be sure not to miss out on that one.

The Batch & Co team are really excited about expanding into other sites in the area and hope that friends, family, the local community, coffee geeks and crowd funding devotees will all help open the doors to the next Batch & Co in 2019. Please pledge and/or share this campaign on your social media as widely as possible!

If you have any questions, we welcome everyone to get in touch or pop by the shop and speak with Jen.


The first Batch & Co store was built using the life savings and retirement fund of founder Jen. Batch & Co only works with its “& Co”; that’s all of you in the local community so we are wanting to actively engage with you to help fund this expansion by offering some great Batch & Co rewards in exchange for your pledges. This way we also invest the monies we raise back into the local area.

Risks and challenges

If we are unable to reach our target amount, but are are quite close to the target, the owner will look into gaining funds from elsewhere to be able to finish the project. If not any funds raised will be put back into our flagship store and the growing community projects we run from this site.

All donations greatly received however small or large, as it is only by working together that we can make this happen!

Come join the Batch & Co Community now :) & help us spread the Batch & Co love.


PLEASE PLEDGE TO THE RIGHT, AND BELOW are MORE DETAILS ON OUR SPECIAL VIP MEMBERSHIP & THE BIG ONE PATRON OF BATCH & CO............................That one is so special you can to choose one of your own rewards too long as its legal & not hurting anyone we are sure we can make it happen :)


Pledge £5,000 or more


◦ Your own Black VIP Batch & Co membership card

◦ Name on our wall at any of the sites of your choice (including the original SW2 site) plus our website for life

◦ Personal thank you on social media & from Jen

◦ A bag of limited edition Batch & Co/Caravan espresso blend

◦ A limited edition Batch & Co branded ECoffee cup

◦ A limited edition Batch & Co Tote bag

◦ A limited edition Batch & Co print

◦ Free Hire of Batch & Co for a private event for you and 40 guests (plus cake)

◦ Our famous Avo Smash on our award winning organic sourdough plus 1 topping, any regular coffee and a bucks fizz for you and 3 friends

◦ Afternoon Tea for 4. Four pots of our specialty tea, two bottles of prosecco, a selection of our pastries (both savoury & sweet), cakes, scones & clotted cream.....yum!

◦ 365 cups of regular coffee (one cup a day for a year!)

◦ 2× VIP Launch party invite

◦ 15 percent off for a year (includes food, drinks, alcohol at all sites)

◦ A VIP introduction to barista training course for you & a friend with unlimited Espresso martinis

◦ A VIP invite to a coffee & cocktails tasting at Batch & Co

◦ The chair of your choice will have your name engraved on it, and when ever you attend Batch, you get to sit in your seat even if someone is already sitting there for a year

◦ One of our tables that your chair is at, will be named after you for the life of the your always be VIP at Batch even when the year is over

• Limited 5 backers

Pledge £10,000 or more
(as well as below, as you will be our official patron you can also add one of your own personal rewards to this list.......within reason ;))
For the true coffee, cocktails & brunch obsessive and Batch & Co fanatic, a pledge of over £10,000 and you get everything – and we mean everything!

Only one pledger can receive this reward – first come, first served! It also includes the same as the Batch & Co VIP reward above plus the following;

• Your own Platinum Batch & Co Patron membership card

• A visit to Caravan Roasters new HQ which has not even been launched to the public yet. You will be Jen's VIP guest and take in part in their cupping event, where you will get to cup six Caravan Roasters Coffees plus free craft beer and pizza with the Caravan boys afterwards. These events are never open to the public.

• Your own special Batch & Co mug at each of our sites for only you to use for the life of the mugs

• 15 percent off all food & drink (including alcohol) for five years at all sites

• Free Batch & Co hire (as above but once for each of the five years)

• Your own chair and table at any of our sites for five years.

• A Batch & Co cocktail will be named after you for life.

• A framed picture of you and the Batch & Co team on the wall (you are our patron after all)

• Limited 1 backer


SPREAD THE LOVE REWARD A huge thank you from Batch a hug from Jen and a shout out on social media


SMALL COFFEE ADDICT a cup or regular coffee or pot of tea every day for a week


ECO WARRIOR Limited edition Batch and Co CARAVAN bag of coffee beans and limited edition Batch and Co ECoffee cup and Tote bag ONLY AVAILABLE TO end OF OCTOBER 2019

5 Backers
5 Backers

BRUNCH LOVER Our famous Avo Smash any regular coffee and a bucks fizz for you and a friend GOT MORE BRUNCH LOVERS IN YOUR CIRCLE THEN BUY MORE THAN ONE


BATCH AND CO AND CARAVAN COFFEE FAN Limited edition bag of Batch and Co Caravan bag of coffee and limited edition Batch and Co print plus tote bag ONLY AVAILABLE TO end OF OCTOBER 2019


AFTERNOON TEA AND PROSECCO FAN Afternoon tea for two with a bottle of Prosecco, selection of sweet and savoury pastries, scones and cakes GOT BIG GROUP OF FRIENDS WHY NOT BUY MORE


MEDIUM COFFEE ADDICT a cup of regular coffee or pot of tea every day for a month


LAUNCH PARTY FAN Invitation to the launch party at our next venue which includes complimentary drinks and food plus your name on our thank you wall and thank you website forever


HOME COFFEE GEEK Home coffee kit with limited edition single origin Batch and Co Caravan coffee Porlex Mini Grinder Aeropress coffee maker plus Brewista Smart Pour Kettle V60, V60 filters and free lesson from our Head Barista


BARISTA WANNABE Private barista training for you and a friend plus unlimited espresso martinis on night


BATCH AND CO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP 15 percent off of all food and drinks, your name on our thank you wall and website PLUS a VIP invite to one of our special VIP coffee or cocktails tastings


PARTY AND CAKE ADDICT Free hire of Batch and Co for you and 40 guests. Includes a member of staff to serve unlimited free coffee plus our baker's celebratory cake


MASSIVE COFFEE ADDICT 365 cups of any regular coffee of your choice


VIP Batch and Co membership for 1 year


Patron of Batch and Co for 5 years




  • Jack Taylor
  • Donated on Apr 02, 2020
  • Best of luck both now and in the future, team Batch - I hope everything works out. Keep making great coffee!

  • Laura Carney
  • Donated on Nov 07, 2019
  • Go on Batch and Co 🏃‍♂️

  • Rosa Blade
  • Donated on Oct 02, 2019
  • Good luck with the fundraising Jen! More yummy coffee :-)

Jan 01

Happy New Year & update

Update posted by Jen Batchelor at 05:22 pm

Hi All,I know its been a while since my last update............Sadly this is all taking more time then i initially thought.Thank you so much for everyone that has donated already. Most rewards have already been handed out as people have been able to use their rewards in the current SW2. . . . .

See update
Oct 08

Missed out on the site we put an offer on :( NEED YOUR HELP :)

Update posted by Jen Batchelor at 03:53 pm

Sorry there has been no update for a while, but we were waiting to hear back on the offer we put in .....Just got the news that our offer didn't get accepted, as someone else was in a position to put in a better offer then us :( Absolutely gutted. . . . .

See update
Aug 02

Putting in an offer

Update posted by Jen Batchelor at 02:16 pm

Very exciting news :) found a potential 2nd site, and after looking at this figures for this actual site have been able to amend the crowdfunding target to a more accurate figure. This means we are now at 11.5 percent of our actual target, so thank you so much to. . . . .

See update
Jul 15

The Search Begins for Batch & Co's second site

Update posted by Jen Batchelor at 11:57 am

4 weeks after our crowdfund launch & we are sitting at 8 percent of our overall target. Thank you so very much indeed to all backers for the fantastic pledges and for the lovely messages too.The project will be staying live whilst the search begins, so please do continue to. . . . .

See update
Jun 19

Thank you for your generosity on our 1st day of our campaign & invite for drinks :)

Update posted by Jen Batchelor at 07:05 pm

Thank you so much family, friends, & the Streatham Community for getting the 1st day off to a great start...........we are now just 4 percent off of the target we have set for ourselves for the 1st 48 hours.......For this to be a really successful start to the campaign :). . . . .

See update

Donors & Comments

23 donors
  • Jack Taylor
  • Donated on Apr 02, 2020
  • Best of luck both now and in the future, team Batch - I hope everything works out. Keep making great coffee!

  • Laura Carney
  • Donated on Nov 07, 2019
  • Go on Batch and Co 🏃‍♂️

  • Rosa Blade
  • Donated on Oct 02, 2019
  • Good luck with the fundraising Jen! More yummy coffee :-)

  • Susie Shing
  • Donated on Aug 16, 2019
  • Good luck with the fun raising Jen. I've just got a job so I can finally donate! See you soon for my avo smash!

  • Dominique Alterskye
  • Donated on Aug 08, 2019
  • Good luck! Looking forward to having a Batch & Co closer to me.

  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Aug 08, 2019
  • Good luck with the new venture. Really appreciate your environmental initiatives and training of local young people.

  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Jul 31, 2019
Amount Hidden
  • Kat Turner
  • Donated on Jul 20, 2019
  • Good luck Jen, you’ll smash it :p Hope this helps just a little x x x

  • Jenny Strange
  • Donated on Jul 19, 2019
  • Good luck Jen!

  • Karen Mangan
  • Donated on Jul 08, 2019
  • Keep up the good work Jen!

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23 Donors
Raised offline: £1,150.00
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