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Music plays a big part in the Filipino identity and contributes a big resemblance to its nation. Music evolves—it moves with time, adapts to changes in various situations, including environmental influences. This recital aims to express through dance the sentiments evoked by the popular songs of the different eras. Songs that will be featured and performed by the dancers are those that “hit the billboard” and thus, it might make the audience reminisce about the past.

tagalog for Healing
visayan for Quiet
Silent mending in circles of insensitivity

Hilom is about individuals unceasingly struggling to find peace within environments that enervate them. This work speaks about the causes and effects of insensitivity and how these individuals deal with these painful experiences.

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Update posted by Jose Joya Severino Montano On Mar 23, 2019


"bigyang-pansin ang bukas"

Tunghayan ang pagbibigay mukha sa kinabukasan na dulot ng nakikita at nararanasang kasalukuyan.
Ikaw? Paano mo mailalarawan ang bukas?

("Pay attention to the future"

Observe the future that our present is writing today.
How about you? What do you see in our future?)

- dili gani dilag , dilag-dilagan

Sa loob ng anim na taon, namalagi ako sa bundok ng Makiling na nakatulong para mas makilala ang sarili ko. Lumayo sa tipikal na bayan na dapat ay nararanasan pa ng kabtaan na kagaya ko, pero di ako nagsisisi na nabigyan ako ng pagkakataon para hasain at mas kilalanin ang aking sarili. Nag-aral ako sa matulaing bundok ni Maria Makiling at naging isang ganap at aral na mananayaw. Natuto akong magbahagi ng aking natutunan sa mga taong ninanais alamin ang mundo na minahal ko. At ito ay ang pagsasayaw. Ngayon, buwan na lamang ang aking binibilang at tuluyan ko ng lilisanin ang bundok na ito at mag-aral ng hindi libre. Napakaswerte ko.

Iiwan ko ang legasiyang ito hindi lamang para sa sarili kundi para sa lahat ng kagaya ng kasarian ko!

Ang "Lin-Ay" ay hango sa kwento ng kauna-unahang "transgender" na nakalahok sa prestihiyosong Miss Universe Pageant na si Angela Ponce na iwinagayway hindi lamang ang bandera ng bansang Spain kundi ng buong LGBTQ+ community.”

(In the span of six years, I have come to realize who I am - aided by my stay in Mount Makiling. I grew up far from the place teens my age typically grow up in, but I have no regrets in choosing to hone and discover myself. I studied in the cradle of Maria Makiling - Philippine High School for the Arts - and became a well-versed and trained dancer. I learned how to impart my knowledge to the people who wish to learn about the world I love. And this world is the world of dance. Now, I count down the days I have left on this mountain - and subsequently to the days I start learning without the blessings this mountain had provided for me. I consider myself a very lucky person.

I leave this legacy not only for myself, but for those who are like me!

"Lin-Ay" is based on the story of the very first transgender participated in the prestigious Miss Universe Pageant, Angela Ponce, who not only waved the flag of Spain, but also that of the LGBTQ+ community."

-Ivan Boloron, choreographer


Intermediate Place

A choreographed piece by Sophia Maunahan depicting a Catholic belief wherein souls are being purged in purgatory.

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(n.) the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own

Inspired by Mitch Albom’s “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”, “Sonder” talks about how an encounter with someone can change you. Everyday, we meet new people and a lot of us tend to give our first impressions on them. Little do we know that who or what they are now is the effect of their past. A lot of people may be at the same place at the same time but every single person went through different things to get to where they are right now.

Everyone that comes into your life is either a lesson, an obstacle or a blessing but all of them molds us to be who we are today.

The feeling of joy or pleasure derived by witnessing another's pain and misfortune.

Maybe it's true that the toughest point in your life will give you a glimpse of a person's true colours.
Maybe it's true that the person you thought you knew is actually a stranger to you.

"So many questions, yet so many left unanswered"

"So many problems, yet so many left unsolved"

Will you be the one to continue victimizing others to become less of a victim - Finally be less of a loser, and more like a champion?

"If not you, then who?"

Or will you finally break out of your mold and claw your way out of a vicious cycle even after you've scraped your fingers raw?

"If not now, then when?"

Then again, in the end, we are all just a bunch of nobodies trying to make it into this world by stamping each other out.
After all, it's a dog-eat-dog world out there.

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LIBULAN: of Quiescence and Disturbance

In the Visayan creation myth, Libulan is known as the moon god; although some myths associated the deity as female which makes him an icon for homosexuals. Libulan's cult was composed of cross-dressing males who were revered for their knowledge about healing and prophecies. These men, who are also known as 'Babaylan', were believed to have the ability to communicate between the physical and spiritual world. However, when colonizers came, they were demonized and erased in records ever since.

As this generation continues to long and seek for the sense of belongingness, Libulan calls for her new Babaylans.

Gagambalo: Ikot ng Buhay

Matutunghayan sa produksyong ito ang siklo ng buhay ng mga gagamba. Ito ay hango rin sa koreograpiya ni Agnes Locsin na "Arachnida" na tungkol rin sa gagamba.

(In this production, one can witness the life cycle of spiders. This production is also inspired by Agnes Locsin's "Arachnida" - a piece that is also about spiders.)

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