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Department of Labor: In addition to child support services, the community social services sector also provides services to families. An important part of the work of the staff is the identification of children at risk of injury, as well as familiarity with the factors that cause it. This section, by utilizing the facilities and services available in the community, is working to eliminate injuries, enhance the ability and improve the living conditions of children. Activities: Including activities in the community in the community centers: Identify and recruit children through visits to workshops and neighborhoods. Formation and completion of a case for child labor in order to record the economic and social conditions of the family. A visit to the children’s home, more than eighty months a month to identify issues and problems, through direct social work with families. Communication with an employer of more than 10 children a month to improve their working conditions. Communicating with supporters and support centers and resources in the community. Referral of clients or their attendance at health centers and laboratories. Contact with surgeons and hospital workers to follow up on specific cases and if necessary, surgery. Providing special medications (medicines for patients with epilepsy, heart, ...). Provision of educational expenses such as allowances and tuition fees for schools, classes, etc. to address educational barriers. The referral of addiction-seeking clients to addiction treatment camps and track their status after leaving and accompanying them in classrooms and sessions after leaving addiction. Follow up of child abuse and abortion, referral to the psychology department, and continuing contact with the family and the employer to control the condition of the child, vulnerable to injury, which is an average of ten cases per month. Follow up of child abuse cases and referral to competent authorities, such as the Directorate of Care, Welfare and more. Preparing and distributing the consumer basket of household goods, clothing and gifts of sponsors monthly between the needs and the coverage. Job-seeking for parents of children to prevent child labor. Referring to the police, the prosecutor’s office and other judicial and law enforcement agencies to pursue legal and judicial records of the clients. The psychology of children’s children is deprived of their childhood, sporting, educational and recreational facilities because of their bad economic conditions, and because of lack of time to play and enjoy the childhood world, they face a crisis of identity and affection, and if they do not Supporting, often aggressive, revengerious, depressed, or frustrated with self-immolation, is deprived of the conditions of childhood integrated development. What this section does in line with its goals include: Establishing proper communication with the injured person Individual counseling - Group counseling Holding various workshops, especially on sexual issues and addiction Life skills training for children and their families Relationship with parents - Psychology tests for adolescents and speeches, aggression, depression, etc. Create conversation in different situations Referral to a psychiatrist or psychoanalyser if needed Along with all the therapeutic cases, workshops and prevention strategies for damage are also considered for people at risk of injury and child labor, which is hoping to be active in the near future by organizing music therapy courses, game therapy, therapeutic exercises and anger control. The better and more effective the child psychology problem and the mental health of the work. Assessing the nutritional status of children under the umbrella of the Association, according to the latest World Health Organization standards. Preparing, cooking and distributing hot foods daily, based on a nutritional pattern appropriate to the culture and taste of children. A diet of diets to increase or decrease weight. Diets of particular periods (pregnancy, breastfeeding, puberty, ...) to clients. Training needed to improve the quality of the household basket. To organize nutrition competitions to raise children’s awareness of nutritional issues. Hygiene measures: Training to institutionalize the use of health items such as: Toothbrushes, mouthwashes and also to distribute them among children. Holding environmental health workshops. Vaccination of children under the protection of the community for hepatitis, measles and ... Holding periodic workshops on individual health issues for girls and boys. Child Auditory Work Under Cover. Children’s optometry work covered by the association. Female maturity education with an age range of 18 to 14 years, in collaboration with midwifery experts. Health Care Measures: Outpatient outpatient treatment services for injured children. Surface dressing caused by corrosion and ... Do injections The presence of general practitioners on a voluntary basis for children covered by the association. Presentations of prescription prescription drugs for children and their families (as far as possible). Identifying, introducing and tracking the treatment of children with specific and contagious diseases. Introducing and referring children to the dental department of Tehran University and using the free dental services of this institution. Examination, treatment and screening of lice and distributing shampoos among children under the protection of the community. Follow up of children under the auspices of children under the auspices of the Association, with the assistance of the Department of Labor and providing a major part of the cost of surgery with the help of the charity. Also, with the help of a dentist group, a room equipped to provide dental services to children in the main center of the association was made. Dental care activities: Organizing oral and dental hygiene classes for all covered children. Distribution of sanitary pads includes toothbrushes and toothpastes for children under the protection of the community. Brush training.

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