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Update posted by Stephen Smith On Jul 18, 2016

Curry had her first day of trial today and the Judge hearing the case ruled the fact that alleged victim had several illegal drugs in her system while on probation and a crack pipe in her pocket it is in-addmissable.

So if a crack creature comes to harm you and you defend yourself the prosecutor at least in this county will not charge crack user/creature and protect them instead....

Curry was told by her ex- attorney Micheal Marinaro who represented the alleged victim in not one but two prior criminal actions that is the reason said prosecutor refused to charge alleged victim with probation violation and possession of crack pipe was because he wouldn't have been able to pursue trying to wrongfully convict Curry.

Judge claimed if curry had an expert to testify to the affects of cocane in someone's system and long term drug abuse would have been admisable but because the prosecutor with held that information until Curry's trial was to begin she had no opportunity to do so....

Police also failed to do bullistic testing and refused to allow a forensic team who was at the scene to process forensic GSR of any kind.... The bullistics is important because it would have provided proof beyond any doubt that curry was on the right side of the law and only shot in self defense... Guess they didn't want the jury to know that instead they think it is appropriate to ask these people to now guess..?

Please donate and if you can't please spread the word that you can be a crack smoking thug while on probation in lancaster county pa and because of the selective prosecution you may or may not be charged.

If any reader has ever been on probatioin and was violated for let's say having something like scope or a cleaning product that is prohibited please share your story in the comment section....? I was pretty sure possessing crack pipes and having several illegal drugs in your system while on probation is a violation of the law but evidently not in Lancaster County Pa.....

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Wish you good luck and let the justice wins!

Veselina Stoyanova

Posted On Sep 09, 2015


I wish you the best! Your a good person

becky Snyder

Posted On Jul 26, 2015


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Good luck to Ashley in clearing her name and fighting the good fight.


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