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Update posted by Suzana Vulovic On Jul 31, 2019

Presented at this exhibition are the works of twenty-four artists, born from 1985 to 1995 in Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia.

With their works, the artists, close together both in space and time, are the testament to the techniques developed at their native Academies, but also to the distinct cultural, sociological and historical affairs and issues.

Along with these "external factors" which can be regarded as the influence and common denominator in these rather divergent works, both in form and content, we are not to disregard the "internal factors" depicted through personal experience, individual sensibility ingrained in the process of creation, and the work itself, as a final product of that process. Different existential and real-life factors which formed the artists are noticeable together with their need for symbolic representation of the reality. This representation is expressed through many different forms: oil on canvas, installations, sculptures, drawings, video art and photography.

The content of these forms is different - in some cases abstract, in others figurative. In some cases, the connection between the title of the work and its content is inseparable and only in observing both aspects conjointly can we find the potential meanings and narratives. Some works are so conceptual in nature that the idea transcends the material and allows the beholder to develop an associative relationship with the presented piece of art. Through the affirmation of the symbolic, many works are focused on the message by providing an engaging commentary on the discrepancies and irregularities of the social reality. Some of them deal with the constant fundamental in the painting: the color, its effect on the beholder or its use in seeking out new layers and tones.

This exhibition is at the same time an example of an unassuming generational interchange, without the artists' and curators' ambition to reach an exact definition. Its beauty lies in its irreducibility and divergence. This exhibition is an attestation to the creativity, themes, forms, ideas and the sensibilities of the artist in these regions. It will be alluring to follow their growth in the years to come.

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Update posted by Suzana Vulovic On Jul 07, 2019

Since the very beginning of time, humans felt the need to capture life changing truths which influenced their lives in various ways.

From "Venus of Berekehet Ram" to Mehretu's Dispersion, the essence of a message, forgotten by many and captured by individuals, shapes the world of ones who believe...

Message is in the eyes of an observer; the one who seeks for an answer or simply looks for a meaning, that essential truth that hunts it.

Different timeframes raise different questions, however, the answers are not always the right ones.

There might not be only one answer, as we are by nature, complex beings... Although physiologically similar or same, people differ by their essential uniqueness, a compound of emotions, drives and rationales which are constantly shaping an individual.

As a Gods particle, artworks are hidden truths of everything that impacts our civilization. Art gives people direction, inspiration and hope, and as undefined leader guides ones who are open to listen and comprehend.

As Cesar A. Cruz mentioned "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."

Therefore, as young fine artists, we pledge to be the ones who will dedicate their lives to bring the message or an answer, to others who will, at one point, look for it...

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