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Update posted by Andrew Steel On Aug 21, 2019

It’s as if humans were simply meant to live in harmony with trees.They enhance our lives in so many positive ways, and are a key factor in protecting the environment in which we live.

On average, every tree we plant will absorb a little over 20kg of carbon dioxide each year from the air around it.Therefore, if we can plant 200,000 trees we will remove 4,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide from the environment per annum or 160,000 tonnes of carbon across the 40-year life of the trees.

In exchange, we’ll get about 115,000 tonnes of oxygen.That’s room to breathe for our whole community.

We are working with local wildlife organisations to ensure that our newly forested areas create the ideal habitats for wildlife and to improve biodiversity, taking care not to damage areas of significant ecological importance.In fact, even if we did nothing at all, forestation will greatly increase biodiversity by providing, quite literally, a breeding ground teeming with flora and fauna.

We want to involve schools and volunteers in making our dream a reality.If people are part of creating new facilities in their communities, then those communities will take ownership, and the forests will be better cared for.We will have science projects for school, and nurseries where children and adults together will culture saplings.

There will be tree planting ‘camps’, and as the forests grow so many volunteering opportunities.People will be able to adopt and care for areas of forest, there will be the chance to become heritage and nature guides for those so minded, and the chance for young people to learn about environmental advocacy and activism.

Forests, and the amenities contained in them, make a great contribution to wellbeing.Close proximity to a forest has been shown to have a positive effect on people with mental health issues.The calmness and serenity of wooded areas can help those who, for example, suffer from high blood pressure.

Crime and anti-social behaviour generally falls when forests are planted.This relates not just to the fact that young people, in particular, can find constructive things to do, but also to the psychological benefits associated with being able to go to a forested area.

People and trees go well together.

We want our cities to be beautiful, healthy places.One of the best ways to achieve this is to plant trees.Imagine Hull with a series of ribbon-ways through it, forested, calm, relaxing, and beautiful.Imagine communities enhanced by forested copses; areas of peace, quiet and beauty in the city, enhanced by trees, carpeted vegetation and increased wildlife.

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Update posted by Andrew Steel On Aug 21, 2019

Early Years Standards and Improvement Team (Sue Cornwall, Alison Scott, Cheryl Bowers)

The Early Years team have consulted with all of the schools below to measure interest in the project and confirm what the direct benefits to the children, school and wider community would be.

The following establishments expressed an interest in becoming involved with the pilot project, recognising that the project provided a unique opportunity for children to engage in a positive experience that supports them to get active in the local area while learning about environmental education. The project was recognised as offering an opportunity to encourage pride and ownership of the local area with scope to reach out to parents and the wider school community. It is also seen to offer something different for children which could have direct benefits to their levels of language and literacy, unlocking creativity and broadening their horizons, enabling pupils to make connections between the world around them and wider environmental issues; applying their learning in the real world.


  • Tallulah Beau 2, Holderness Road
  • Avenues Day Nursery, 139 Princes Avenue
  • Purple House Nursery, Preston Road


  • Clifton Primary School, Burslem Street, Hull HU2 9BP
  • The Green Way Academy, 21st Ave, Hull HU6 8HD
  • Woodland Primary School, Flinton Grove, Preston Road, Hull HU9 5SN
  • Wheeler Primary School, 53 Wheeler St, Hull HU3 5QF
  • Newington Primary School, Dairycoates Ave, Hull HU3 5DD
  • Priory Primary School, Priory Road, Hull HU5 5RU
  • Ings Primary School, Ings Road, Hull
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Update posted by Andrew Steel On Aug 21, 2019
  • Hull Schools Improvements Team
  • Curio – technology provider that will also showcase the art scheme
  • One ‘Hull’ of a Forest committee
  • Art Link – responsible for managing the delivery of the Art component to the schools and showcasing of work
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Update posted by Andrew Steel On Aug 21, 2019

The project will benefit children in the wards, and ultimately across the city of Hull, by developing knowledge and understanding about how their decisions and actions affect the environment. It will support teachers to enable children to develop practical skills to take action to keep our environment healthy and sustainable for the future. We will use evaluation with participants to measure success through the achievement of the following outcomes:

Providing a unique experiential learning opportunity

Bringing nature into the classroom as well as taking pupils outdoors will provide children with a unique experiential learning opportunity that fosters respect for the environment. It also sparks the imagination, unlocks creativity and broadens pupils’ horizons, enabling pupils to make connections between the world around them and wider environmental issues; applying their learning in the real world

Raising attainment and aspirations

By incorporating environmental education into their class curriculum, we will help contribute to pupil’s attainment in core subjects, including literacy, numeracy, problem solving, critical and creative thinking skills and understanding the world around them.It will provide some different to talk about and broaden their horizons.

Healthy lifestyles will be encouraged

Pupils will be encouraged to get active in outdoor settings. This can help address health issues including obesity, attention deficit disorders, and depression. The benefits of being outdoors on mental health and wellbeing are widely known.

Communities will be strengthened

Pupils will develop knowledge and understanding, at a local scale, about how their decisions and actions affect the environment at a global scale. They will develop a respect for the world around them, which will encourage a sense of place, empowering them to feel a sense of ownership and pride in the local area. It is hoped that this will encourage a sense of individual and collective responsibility for the care of the local environment.

Having a sense of belonging and pride in the place where we live is very important to our emotional and physical wellbeing and we hope that the project will help strengthen the connection of members of the local community to the ward.

Support teachers to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to deliver environmental education

Teachers will be encouraged to develop confidence, knowledge and understanding to embed environmental education across the whole school.

Community Benefits

  • Mapping of the biological assets within the city allowing a greater understanding of the economic value
  • Establish parity between the services that the urban forest provides with other recognised urban infrastructure such as street lighting and highways in conjunction with the local council

Increased number of users on the Curio App which will lead to further community engagement and awareness of the project and surrounding benefits

Promote Hulls urban forest and the quantifiable benefits it provides measured by via future community engagement

Provide a picture of tree and woodland cover in the project zones which is currently not available

Engage volunteers in further opportunities to plant trees and manage them

Provide verifiable economic values to the benefits that the urban forest provides

Establish values that are a pre cursor to proper asset and risk management

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Update posted by Andrew Steel On Aug 21, 2019

An important integral part of the OHOF project is the proposed Art project linked to environmental education. We are proposing a pilot project in the community that engages children, young people and the wider community in environmental education by supporting them to learn about and make a connection to the trees in the local area that surrounds them. It will bring together children and their families to experience the therapeutic benefits and physical and mental wellbeing that can be gained from taking part in creative activity linked to nature and the outdoor environment, helping participants feel happier, more confident and healthier.

Specifically, the activity will use art as a way to develop understanding about the environment and sustainable living, also raising aspirations amongst children by incorporating a technological element of tree mapping in the area. The tree mapping will aid the understanding of the biological assets within the city boundary and assist multiple bodies to assimilate their value in terms of environmental benefits as well as the actual timber value.

Following significant consultation with the Schools Improvements Team at the Orchard we will work in collaboration with renowned organisation Art Link, to deliver a pilot project in local schools. The pilot will be used to inform a city-wide project using lessons learned in Phase one. Phase two will roll out the project to 72 schools and 49 (Private, Voluntary and Independent Nursery Settings) PVIs plus dozens of other nurseries as well as in the future incorporating additional schools in the East Riding.

The pilot will initially include 2 nurseries and 2 primary schools in Hull, with a view to looking also at how we can include child-minders in the second phase of the project.

There are 3 strands to the project

  • Art & Environment
  • Tree Mapping
  • Tree planting – where possible within budget constraints (not expected within the pilot scheme – Phase I)

Art & Environment

As part of the Phase 1, Artlink Hull will manage artist’s mini-residencies in 4 educational organisations in Hull comprising intensive environmental and participatory projects in each of the schools.

Artlink Hull will recruit and manage a freelance visual artist with participatory experience to deliver on the project. Artists will deliver three full school days of activity for up to 30 children in each school. On the fourth day there will be a final installation and celebration event with pupils, their parents and partners. All 4 projects will then be combined into an exhibition to display during the National Play Day 2019 in the Queen’s Gardens in Hull.

We will open discussions with Absolutely Cultured on creating a Master Training plan using their volunteers and request they help share the workload with Art Link facilitating the workshops, so we get more bodies involved to cover the schools in and around the city for the broader project.

Tree Mapping

The PATT Foundation will liaise with teachers at the schools on the technology component of the project and coordinate the delivery of artwork with schools and Curio.

The intention is for students to be engaged in a physical outdoor activity of tree mapping the biological assets within the city using an specially develop App available from Curio -

Curio incorporates iTrees, which will also be used to assist in assessing the tree assets within the city boundaries. The last asset register was conducted by the Hull City Council in 2005 and only counted the trees on the highways. 30,000 trees were identified with a value of £17M. The project will assist the local council in understanding the assets they have and also their environmental and timber value, which is of significant importance.

It also allows the children to cover a wide range of learning aspects from communication, language, technology via the use of the Curio app and allow also an educational element as new findings can be posted online to a wider audience and used as a learning tool for students

The Art & Education element will also be featured on the Curio website an example of a previous project is available here

The use of Curio will facilitate the following

  • Create a local tree and plant inventory
  • Coordinate the group's efforts
  • Connect the local communities easily online via the app
  • Enjoy a better public profile of the project
  • Provide educational resources to the local community
  • Create a species library
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Update posted by Andrew Steel On Aug 21, 2019

It’s not hard to work out that trees are always connected in environmental issues.However, trees mean so much more to us.Trees impact upon our quality of life, on issues surrounding poverty alleviation and economical gains, on wellbeing, both physical and mental, as well as being linked to a positive reduction in Anti Social behaviour (ASB) and not least on habitat creation for the diversity of wildlife that inhabit the forests.

In short, trees matter a great deal.

Hull is the least forested city in the UK, with a paltry 2.6% of the city being tree-covered against a national average UK of 8.4%. In air quality tests, 44 of 51 UK cities have an air quality that is described as dangerous because of particulates, pollutants and carbon dioxide levels.On top of that, Hull is a city well known for its areas situated in a flood risk zone. The planting of trees can have a significant positive effect in terms of flood mitigation.

The problem is that we just don’t have enough trees. We need people to join us in our ambition to plant more, and we have a number of opportunities in which to do so.

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Keep up the great work

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Children ARE our future. What a smart and effective approach to imprinting environmental awareness from a young age, so it may become second nature! T his is a great project that I am happy to assist. Keep going!

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A vibrant cause, l wish you the best of luck! Let's go help some bees!

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Great cause for the development of the Next Generation

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A really worthy project, hope to see this and many more like it succeeding!

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