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Update posted by Denis Vorobev On Nov 05, 2021

Greetings, Denis is here! :)

A month have passed after we had a fire at our main workshop.

First of all - from the bottom of our hearts, we all want to say "Huge Thank You!" for all your support, love, trust in us and positive vibes!
You're all awesome! :)
You helped us to almost restore our main workshop and make it better than ever! You motivate us to be better version of us every day!

We have rebuilt our assembly and detailing lines at the main workshop. Now they are well equipped for 2 artists and 2 assembly specialists working simultaneously. And yes, we are now hiring more staff and planning to increase our production!

We have also rebuilt our 3rd building!
Firstly we used it as a temporary place for assembly guys and our detailing-artist. However, once we restored the main shop, we rebuilt it to be the place of our big projects.
Now it's a full-scale standalone production facility, which is dedicaded to large-format props, our big CNC and full-scale scene decorations. So expect Big news from our Big workshop very soon! ;)

We are so happy to be back to normal life!
Starting next Monday we will begin shipping!!! Yes this is the most anticipated news!))
We expected to begin shipping this week, but our mayor set the Moscow into complete Lockdown for a week, so both DHL&UPS weren't working normally.

We have restored and finished more than 80 helmets for passed weeks and we are so happy to pack and send them asap! So prepare your mailboxes guys! ;)

Then we will send all 24 armor kits, which we currently have!
Armor kits require much more time for cleaning after fire, cuz printed parts are greatly absorb odors(( Sometimes, during cleaning, some detailed areas (like weathering of smthn) got cleaned too and we have to repaint details. This also slows us down in shipping. But please do not worry - we are working hard to clean/paint and send all asap!

We have successfully restored ALL our 3D-Printers, and rhey're purring like kittens now!)) We have completely lost 11 undersuits, 6 kits and partially - 9 kits of armor, 18 replacement parts. Our understanding - we will need 4 weeks to reprint losses, and then begin printing next in queue. Now we are printing at full throttle!

We are considering to buy few extra printers to eliminate the gap, but sadly it depends on money, as usual.

New products were a bit set back, but we will try to make them aside of main production. We want to fulfill all orders as quick as it possible! This is our primary task!

Pls check pics of the shop restoration attached!
Some of them you might already seen in our IG, but we almost have no time to take pics during the day. Once it'll be a touch easier to breath, we will post more interesting content!))

We are so happy to be back!
And we want to share this happiness with you!

We missed Halloween and Black Friday sales, due to restoration works. You were patiently waiting and so we want to somehow express our gratitude!

Starting today (05'Nov) and till 15'Nov we will run our "Grand RE-Opening" SALE!

-20% Discount for most items at our website are available already without any codes! Just come and see the final price! :)

By placing new order you're greatly help us to recover faster!
Huge thank you in advance!
We are still testing highly anticipated textile inner lining, which then will be standard for each produced helmet!
Some of you will be randomly picked for this testing - you will receive helmet with prototyped lining.
Would be so great to rear your feedback, guys! ;)

This is the first step in our path to re-consider our products.
The plan is to increase overal quality and provide more "Collectible-grade" stuff in nearest future. This includes many improvements and innovations, and textile lining is the easiest one. ;)
And our furry mascot says greatest "Hi!"

"Filament" has finally recovered from stress and happily playing around with almost every thing he finds!)))
We bought him new big cage to replace burnt one.

Next week he will finally return to the workshop! :)
Thank you so much for all your patience in these tough days, you're motivating us to be best of us!

If you're having any questions or just want to say "Hi!" - pls, don't hesitate to message us directly via email at the bottom of this letter!
We will do our best to reply as soon as possible, however, pls, understand that it can take up to 10 days...excluding weekends)) Yeah, we do need some rest after hard week as everyone!))

Be safe and stay tuned!

Denis and the Team!
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Update posted by Denis Vorobev On Oct 22, 2021

Greetings everyone!

Our main workshop has been totally repainted!

New floor, new lamps, new air-intake and aspiration systems! More white, more lights, more power lines!

We are finalising restoration and paint works here!

Next week will begin with setting up new workplaces! We've learned much from this fire and we will optimize our workshop for better productivity and more safety!

3D printers will be repaired next week and we'll be back on track!

Our 2nd building remains casting and paintworks, our paint guy have 12 kits and 40 helmets to work with. And our new - 3rd building, works at full throttle: artisan painting details on helmets and armor kits, and assembly guys are cleaning and assembling helmets! We have cleaned 106 helmets and 18 armor kits!!!

Regardless massive losses in raw armor kits, only few finished helmets were damaged, thank God! Life slowly comes to normal!

Huge thanks to everyone who supported us during these tough days, your vibes and trust in us simply overhelming! 🙂 You're all awesome! 🙂

More news, re-opening and accepting new orders - next week!

Stay tuned, guys!


In case you wish to help us - our crowd funding is open or you can buy our products at ! This will help us to recover faster!


#ArmoryShop #starwars #propshop #makearmoryshopgreatagain #restoration #fire #backtonormal #workshop #crowdfunding

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Update posted by Denis Vorobev On Oct 15, 2021

Workshop restoration.

1st week update.

Long video:

If you're willing to help us - we have launched crowd funding campaign to rase funds for restoration:

Or you can buy our products:

Every penny would greatly help to recover fast!

Huge thanks to everyone, who replied, bought something, commented, donated, shared or simply said kind words! You're all awesome!

Your support and positive vibes are greatly helps these though days.

Please be safe and have a great weekend!



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Hi Denis, Tim [HaloMandalorian on Insta] here from Singapore. I am so sorry to hear about the shop! Been busy setting up my new workshop and I couldn't get back to you till now. Am glad Filament got away fuss free and that's you're almost back on your feet! Can't have one of the best helmet makers out of action for too long! I've chipped in some spare cash i have, it's not much but I hope it helps somewhat. Please take care, send my best to the rest of the team and be safe!

Timothy Lucas Tan

Backed with $50.00 On Nov 22, 2021



Backed On Nov 19, 2021 Amount Hidden


I hope this helps! Good luck!


Backed On Oct 26, 2021 Amount Hidden


Hi Denis - sorry to hear this happened to you guys. Hope you're back up and running 100% in no time. We're more than happy to help and appreciate having you guys do what you do! Brian and Dakota Harper


Backed with $50.00 On Oct 25, 2021


Hi Denis, Sorry to hear about your challenging times, you bring so much joy to all of us and I thank you again for my death trooper hope this helps and others help too. Regards John (Sean)


Backed with $100.00 On Oct 15, 2021


Hope this helps Dennis! I know it's not much.

Bryan van Dorst

Backed with $25.00 On Oct 14, 2021


So sorry to hear of the fire!! Hope my donation helps out. Your and your employees work must continue so as to keep us Star Wars fans dressed and armored like the real thing (but even better!)

Steven Jacobs

Backed with $100.00 On Oct 13, 2021


Sorry about the loss. Happy that everyone is ok.

Korry Seymour

Backed with $25.00 On Oct 13, 2021


Wishing you all the best! It will come to pass!

Ricardo Fujikawa

Backed with $10.00 On Oct 12, 2021



Backed with $350.00 On Oct 11, 2021

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