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Hi. I’m Analyn Tordecilla, 56 years old from the Philippines. Last May 2, 2023, I tested positive for covid and currently isolated and admitted here at Perpetual Hospital. Last May 2, 2023, my daughter leaving supposedly for work, rushed me to the ER because I was having chills around 6 AM. Our intention to go to the ER is to have me checked because of the chills and fever, I also have a trouble in peeing a few days ago and assumed it was UTI related because I’ve been having this situation on and off for months since 2022. I’ve been visiting my Nephrologist regularly since then, only my creatinine levels are going up and down. I took medications by mouth, sometimes thru IV every time I’m experiencing pain as recommended by my doctor.

Last Nov 2021, I also had my pacemaker surgery due to arrhythmia. It was diagnosed last Oct 2019 when I had mild stroke but decided not to have the surgery due to limited funds. We had no choice but to undergo the said surgery last Nov 2021 as my heart rate is low as 30-40 bpm and experienced severe weakness all over my body. With the help of my partner, relatives, bank loans, HMO of my daughter, and donations from her officemates, we were able to get through of it but some of the loans aren’t paid yet until now.

I was also admitted last Sep 2022 due to low sodium and potassium and also had my left eye cataract surgery and repair of retinal detachment last Dec 2022.

But it seems like the expenses doesn’t stop because I had to have medications regularly for my existing conditions and now I have this situation. My daughter just transferred jobs last month and have limited funds at the moment. Our funds have been exhausted for my previous hospitalizations and medications.

Please pray for my recovery and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hello! This is Sam, 26 yrs old and Ana’s only child. I’m asking for your prayers and any amount for our medical needs during this time. I’m the only one employed and have some side hustles but my funds aren’t enough at this moment. As much as I want to ask for monetary assistance for those who helped us before, I can no longer do it at this time because of our previous payables that aren’t settled yet until now.

Thank you for your prayers and support in advance.



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Samantha Anne Goze

GCash/Maya: 0916 678 4291

RBank: 300630200023504

Unionbank: 109428621665


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May 10

May 10, 2023

Update posted by Samantha Anne Goze at 03:05 am

Hello everyone, Just wanted to say thank you for all your messages, help, prayers and donation the past week and up to now. It’s such a big help for us. My mom got discharged from the hospital May 8 in the evening and she’s doing much better than last week.

See update

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Donated So Far
Raised offline: $615.19
Total: $640.19

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