An Angel with a broken dream

Update posted by Friends Family On Oct 18, 2016

Angela was just hospitalized last night due to not feeling well the last few days. It was found she now has 4 antibiotic resistant bacterial infections back in her hand. It has spread from the bone they had not gotten in the last surgery to her bloodstream. She is falling fast into critical condition with Drs not finding the right medications. Drs stated they must remove the finger infected and any bone that is infected on top of the partial finger amputation she already has prior to this. So now yet again Angela lays worrying how she will make it. She will lose more work and not sure how bad things are at this point of how long she will be doen for. Her medical bills are already maxed. With her medicare only paying a percentage. Angies cancer pretty much shuts her immune system down so she is prone to infections easily. She recently went from 132 pds to 110 within 2 months time and of course always stated she couldnt afford to take off and seek medical. Her oldest Son overseas who can not leave for home her Daughter who still will not speak to her and her middle son tryng his best to Finish his Senior yr but, to find a job to help his Mom but, They now have no vehicle due to the transmission in her car going out yesterday.Now She is not only sick by infection but,has sank into a horrible depression and is being treated for that on top of everything. Her small family which is made up of 7 struggles to get by. They have all pulled together trying to figure out ways to help. So far we have came across no help. Angie has the motel room paid for until November 1st. She pays 160 a week there for her and her son. Her parents have stated they will no longer be asking her for help with their needs in which will be a relief on her but, still not enough. She is not eligible for any extra help such as assistance or foodstamps. She has entered into 2 food banks which help her greatly at this point at least with meals to get them by. I have never seen anyone fight so hard to get nowhere. So many she has helped and done for. She has been an absolute saint and angel to some and yet now that she s the one in need she sits with only a handful of ones who care and try to do what we can. But, unfortunately all of us are in no situation to help financially. Her Son is actually considering dropping out of his senior yr to get a full time job to take care of his MOM. HIS LAST AND FINAL YR!! PLANS AND DREAMS FOR COLLEGE!! We have went as far as the local news and newpapers but,seems if you are not a big name you cant get anywhere. Please can anyone help us get to where we need to be for her!! Her health is getting no better her back and legs getting worse Drs have told her time and time again she should not be working. But, She has no choice. She has filled out applications for apartments and houses and been turned down because of credit and or income because she is a contractor with small jobs when she can get them her disability is not enough to cover rent and utilities. And she must watch her income due to if she goes over a certain amount she will lose the little medical coverage she gets. As she wanted to start the mobile home flipping business to help others in her situation she was looking for a cheap mobile even a camper for her and her son to fix up and move into but, with all that has occured in her last few months she has been unable to save money to afford to do such. But,no loan companies will help no services will help no family can afford to help or even have room to take them in. Please i ask just for options places we can go to find help she needs. If things do not look up i am afraid this is her last chance. She states she can no longer keep up the fight she is not strong enough anymore. That is not the girl we all know. We have seen her fall so many times do to helping such undeserving people and she dusted off she fought hard and got back up and on her feet. Please anyone out there that can do anything.

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