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Re: John W. Dobbs, Florida DC (inmate no.) C00618

Jefferson Correctional Institution

1050 Big Joe Road

Monticello, Florida 32344 - 0430

Urgent! Update: May 6, 2019

Kidnapped By The System,, and

King U. aka John W. Dobbs, Ninth Judicial Circuit Court for Orange County Florida, case no. 2006-CF-015201-A-O, was initiated without a sworn complaint to get the court jurisdiction over his person or the subject matter. The case docket and register of action actually starts with the statement that on “ October 25, 2006 Complaint field NONE “ that’s the first entry in the docket for his case. Even both the Orange county sheriff office charging affidavit and narrative are facially and patently void because the selection reserve for the signature and seal of a notary public is merely signed by another police officer not authorized to administer oaths. He was bought in and detain by the court as a favor to police who falsely arrested him as a favor to someone else no criminal complaint before someone authorized to administer oaths supported his initiate appearance and no probable cause affidavit supported the court order to detain him base on the fining of a probable cause according to the U.S. in Florida Constitution he has been subjected to force imprisonment base on a “ Void Process” that doesn’t exist in the true court of law.

Governor’s Reference Manual for Notaries State of Florida

4 Elements needed a Notary Seal

■ The official notary seal is the rubber stamp type seal with four elements:

1.) the words, “Notary Public-State of Florida”

2.) the notary’s exact commissioned name

3.) the notary’s commission number

4.) the notary’s commission expiration date

■ The name of the notary’s
bonding company may be included on the seal but is not required.

  • The state does not furnish notary seals. You may purchase a seal from your bonding company or from a company that makes rubber stamps.
  • Some companies that produce notary seals include a symbol or emblem on the stamp, such as the Capitol dome, a flag, an eagle, etc., but this is optional. No emblem or symbol is required. Additionally, you may NOT use the Great Seal of the State of Florida on your notary seal.
  • You may sign notarial certificates with any color ink, but the notary seal must be affixed with black ink only.
  • You may use an impression seal (embosser) in addition to the rubber stamp seal, but not in place of it. If you choose to use an impression seal, your name should be correct and the seal should contain the words, “Notary Public-State of Florida.”
  • Before using your notary seal, examine the seal to ensure that all information is correct.
  • Keep your seal in a secure location to avoid its loss or misuse.
  • If your notary seal is lost, misplaced, or stolen, you are required to notify the Department of State (or the Governor’s Notary Section) in writing. You should include your commission name and number, date of birth, and the last date the seal was in your possession. Additionally, if your seal was stolen, you should file a report with your local law enforcement agency. Please refer to Q & A on page 65 for instructions when an employer keeps your notary seal.
  • venue (the location of the notarization)
  • type of notarial act (oath/affirmation or acknowledgment)
  • that the signer personally appeared before the notary (“before me”)
  • actual date of notarization
  • name of person whose signature is being notarized
  • form of identification
  • signature of notary
  • name of notary printed/typed/stamped below signature
  • notary seal (with the 4 essential elements) Some notarial certificates may vary in format, but any certificate should contain all these elements.

Notarial Certificates:

When performing notarizations, you are generally required to complete a notarial certificate of the act. The certificate is a record of what occurred at the time of the notarization, and you are respon- sible for ensuring that the certificate is complete and accurate.

The following pages contain sample notarial certificates for use on documents being notarized in Florida.

You will note that the notarial certificates for an oath (or affirmation) or an acknowledgment contain nine basic elements:

See §§ 117.05(3)(a) and (4), Fla.Stat.

When notarizing a signature, you are required by law to date, sign, and affix your seal to a notarial certificate. See §§ 117.05(3)(a) and (4), Fla.Stat. This is in addition to the requirements that your notary seal contain your exact commissioned name and that you must print, type, or stamp your name below your signature. These provisions of the law ensure the ability to identify the notary, if necessary, and confirm that the notary is the person who completed the notarial certificate and affixed the notary seal.

Note: Cpl Dwayne Pelte attest the signature of Detective David Phelan 0493. According to the Government Office – State Notary Information, Notaries in Special Position Cpl Dwayne Pelte 1366 was never in their system as a notary therefore he would not have had a notary’s commission number, the 1366 is not a notary commission number.

Pass this on to Florida Federal Bureau of Investigation, Florida Congress women Val Demings, (JLUSA) Leadership, media, newspaper, magazines, people in the government from all states, activists, bloggers, family, friend, subscribe to YouTube video etc.

To support the publication of a book on the bias application of Florida's

' Stand Your Ground Law '

Things just don't add up innocent man tortured for 8 years by Florida authorities to avenge and appease a wealthy family (true story).

John Dobbs; Florida DC (inmate no.) C00618 The incident occurred in Florida on October 25,2006 " Stand Your Ground," 4 against 1, defending him self with only his fist against 4 unknown intoxicated men he pulled out his legal length pocket knife when his girlfriend try to get them off him, they attacked her, what started out as a fist fight end up with one of his attackers killed, the decease came from a wealthy family. John and his girlfriend were the only Black people in the altercation, his attackers were described as White, John was the only one arrested, John complained of felling faint and dizzy, he was never taking to the hospital for his cuts and bruises but his attackers were taking to the hospital from the crime scene were their wounds were cared for. His miranda rights was not read to him in it's entirely.

The complaining witnesses were allowed to comment perjury in order to get a guilty verdict.

The states witness Allison Wright a crime scene investigator (she process the scene, collected the evidence, process the evidences, photograph and collect buccal swabs from suspects and things of that nature) worked for The Orange County Sheriff Office, her evidences proved John’s innocent. But it was ignored he was found guilty of all 12 charges, and given a life sentence and 35 years.

His story could be read on his website in subtitle ' MUST READ SHORT STORY', "American Me Law vs. Law Enforcement " (book under construction) 15 people from the Florida Bar Association signed his iPetition on his website "Free John Dobbs ". Investors may leave their comments if they wish to, using my discretion I might put your comments as part of the book if you wish, optional choose yes or no, tell us what state your from.

We are looking for equal protection of the law, my son believes that the only way to get that basic on the political inferences surrounding his conviction in the absence of evidences and legal premise is through public support, there's been a lot of due proceed violations some very significant or the very least a new trial.

To promote equal protection of the state laws of Florida. Their imprisonment of John W. Dobbs and the questions raised in regards are a matter of national interested. Example: As Florida hold a number of citizens which are recognized as some of the most tourist appealing destinations in the country.

Sign this petition if you want an investigation as to how Florida law enforements arrest and imprisonment of an apparently innocent man is allowed and ignore.

Frequently Asked Questions

If Florida Stand Your Ground Law is equally available to citizens under Florida jurisdiction some of the questions that arrive basic on the evidence are:

1.) Why was he the only man arrested for a fight that all witness swear started as a fist fight between him and as least 4 intoxicated men who relentlessly approached him?

2.) Does race have anything to do with it?

3.) Does he have the right to protect his girlfriend for what can be reasonably preceded as acts of aggression?

4.) How is it possible to fine he didn't act in defense of him self and his lady, when no reasonable evidence exist that the men who approached them might no harm?

5.) If the statement (you need security to walk you and your girl out) can be perceived as a threat how is it not evidence of his innocents?

6.)Why wasn't Andre Blanco arrested for violating; for his part in the altercation being that he was drunk and on probation in a state were mere police contact usually results in violation?

7.) Why did the prosecutor allow Andre Blanco to change sworn statements from proceeding to proceeding without explanation?

8.) If the only evidence of aggavation battery against Andre Blanco comes from actions, Andre Blanco testified there was no evidences of until after Blanco ran up grab him by the back of the neck and started hitting him; How is that not self-defense?

9.) If the only evidence of aggravated battery against Fransico Gotay comes from actions Gotay testified occurred only after Gotay ran at him swinging to hit him; Hlow is that not self-defense?

10.) If the only evidence of aggravated assault against Hansel Holiday comes from actions Holiday testified occurred only after Holiday was attempting to strike his car and run him off the road for the third time; How is that not self-defense?

11.)If Andre Blanco testified that immediately after being hit with what seems like a really hard punch, Blanco gets up runs grabs him by the back of the neck and starts hitting him; And, Fransico Gotay testified that immediately after Blanco falls from being hit with a good punch, Gotay runs up and starts swinging at him. And, Riollano testified that at the time that Riollano approached him and started hitting him in the neck and head, he was still fighting at least one of Riollano's friends.And, William Troy entered the fight sometime in between. How can they said the fights was one on one.

12.) Why were Fransico Gotay, Anthony Riollanco, and Hanzel Holiday treated by the State Attorney's Office as if their attacking the couple at the couple car was lawful when they claim to have no knowledge of why the fight started or who throw the first punch: Thus, no knowledge of whether they were in the right or wrong?

13.) How is it that he was convicted of murdering William Troy and his conviction is upheld when the ony evidence is that William Troy was the 3 or 4 men to enter the fight against him, and his cliam to have stab Troy in sel-defense?

14.) Why was the jury led to believe that he had to try to avoid the danger before he had the right to stand his ground?

15.) Why wasn't the State required to answer any of the questions on appeal?

16.) Why wasn't he granted an Evidential Hearing basic on any of his claim in the Federal Court?

17.) If the police was called before anyone was believed to have been stabbed and the Deputy Herbert Mercado testified at the Adversary Preliminary Hearing referring to him as the victim twice. Doesn't that mean that the recordings of the 911 calls that were destroyed were evidence of his actual innocents?

18.) Does this mean that Florida law enforcement knows that he is innocent?

19.) Does the wealth of William Troy's and Anthony Riollano's family's have anything to do with it.

20.) Is there a conspiracy to deny a innocent man his rights?

21.) If a white man fought off 4 or 5 drunk black men, who told him he needed security, and surrounded him and his girlfriend, outside his car in the parking lot of a strip club, at 2:00 in the morning; Wouldn't he be a hero?

22.) Are Clerks of Court being paid to sabotage cases in Florida.

a.) A Cark of the court filed the unsigned Charge Information.

b.) On Direct Appeal they was no judge signature on the ‘Denial ‘ .

c.) It was a Clerk who allowed incorrect DOC number to remain on his docket for months despite the number of complaints.

d.) It was a Clerk of Court that removed 15 pages of his ‘Argument ‘ from his petition for Federal Habeas Corpus.

e.) And now the Clerk of Court who denied his State Habeas Corpus without any reason again in the Direct Court of Appeal.

Please " Support The Cause, Sign His Petition" free John Dobbs on his website

" ". If you believe that this story should be told investigate it, please donate to help with publishing, advertising and attorney fees to aid in our struggle to expose injustice

quest for recognition and justice.

Florida Statute Law, Effect October 1, 2005 - 776.013 (3)

Addresses the ability to " Stand Your Ground " in any place that a person legally has a right to be, states: A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has the a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believe it is necessary to do so to prevent death or bodily harm to himself or herserself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

John Dobbs Police Interrogation Interview videos ( 2 parts )

Part 1 of 2 ;

John’s Police Interrogation Interview video part 1 of 2

* 1.) John Dobbs lawyer up : video time about: 23:29 to 23:44 (Detectives refuse to end the interrogation interview after John lawyer up).

Part 2 of 2 ;

Please aid in our struggle by supporting and donating for publishing, advertising and attorney fees to expose injustice and free John W. Dobbs aka King U. aka Universal.

The below banking account has been set up for you to aid by donation to help Free John W. Dobbs

Navy Federal Credit Union

P.O. BOX 3000

Merrifield,Va. 22119 - 3000

Phone no.: 1 (888) 842 - 6328

Routing number: 256074974

Account no.: 7069862899

Thank You For Your Support

Mrs. Celeste Dobbs


I am Mrs. Celeste Dobbs, the mother of John Dobbs, I am asking for your help in this matter. I am asking for donation for support in John W Dobbs case

I am Mrs. Celeste Dobbs, the mother of John Dobbs, I am asking for your help in this matter. I am asking for donation for support in John W Dobbs case


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Jan 16

The world-famous political prisoner King U combats Florida's hidden Antebellum policies

Update posted by Celeste Dobbs at 07:37 pm

The world-famous political prisoner King U combats Florida's hidden Antebellum policies John W. Dobbs, his Attorney George Edward Reres Sr. Update: On January 16, 2023 By Mrs. Celeste Dobbs THIS IS WHY THEY DON'T WANT ME IN A COURT ROOM THIS IS WHY THEY DON'T WANT ME IN A COURT. . . . .

See update
May 06

The world-famous political prisoner King U combats Florida's hidden Antebellum policies

Update posted by Celeste Dobbs at 07:41 pm

Update: January 16, 2023The world-famous political prisoner King U combats Florida's hidden Antebellum policies John W. Dobbs, Florida inmate no. Coo618, his Attorney George Edward Reres Sr. By Mrs. Celeste Dobbs THIS IS WHY THEY DON'T WANT ME IN A COURT ROOM THIS IS WHY THEY DON'T WANT ME IN. . . . .

See update

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