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y of Sheffield, in the school of English (MA English Language and Linguistics).

I am graduated from Kuwait University, College of Arts ,with a good GPA (3.52) and with an honor, majored in English language and Literature and my minor was Philosophy in May 2018.

Pursuing higher education has been always my dream. It is out of love and passion to learn, to study, and to do research papers. I chose the MA in English language and linguistics because of my interest in studying the structures of language, it’s history, and to get to know more about other languages and cultures. Personally, the most enjoyable part is to read and do research about a particular topic regarding language. Back in college I did research papers about different topics which gave me a good knowledge with the time about research methods, in addition to some books and articles I have read about conducting a research in both Arabic and English, for example; Research Methodologies by Dr.Faisal Al Wazzan. In addition, some of the topics that I wrote about are The Structure of a Request in Arabic and English, The Grammatical Gender in Arabic and English, The Portrayal of the Stateless or the "Bidun" in the Kuwaiti Context, and other different topics. All of these research paper were done with passion and a good effort. This is because of the love of writing, conducting research, and exploring different things about different contexts and different people in the world.

In addition, other reasons for me to get my MA is to fill all the gaps, if I could, that I have seen when I was in college. For example, I would love to be an educator to give the students everything they should know, at the same time I want them to do it with love and joy. I also

would love my students to finish their course with me with so much passion for books and reading, because reading is the most beautiful thing we could ask for.

Not only for the love of studying, but also I was working in the English and the Philosophy departments during my breaks when I was in college. I was organizing some events in the Philosophy department as I was in charge of photography, designing invitations for the events, and I was a presenter too. For the English department I participated in the Annual English Day for three years. The first year I participated in the Art Gallery in which we were asked to draw according to a particular theme, that is, the nineties. The second year I was an usher in the theatre hall and the last year I was a photographer. I gained a great experience working with other students and instructors.

All of the above and more situations that I went through gave me support, love, and determination to always look for more to achieve more.

Kindest regards,

Here are the expenses that I need:
MA program tuition fees:
19.000 GBP

Pre-sessional course:
2070 GBP - £345 per week

Cratcliffe and Ravenstones Apartments - Ranmoor/Endcliffe - En-suite
contract duration: 51 Weeks
Price: £6,493.83

Deposit for accommodation: £150

Grocery Shopping and my everyday basic needs: £300 per month - £4.200 per year.

Enrollment fee (non-refundable): £235

Books and Materials: around £1000 - £2000

Before applying to CAS number: I need to pay £6000, it will be deducted from the program tuition fees.

Visa fees: unkown yet because it keeps changing constantly.

total amount of money: £50,000 (19,000 KWD)



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