Alison Bereavement Society

This charity campaign is inspired by a friend of mine, Alison, who passed away far too young but wanted to be remembered as being happy. In her memory this charity aims to help the bereft find some happiness again. Please help me raise money to help people who find themselves unable to cope emotionally after the death of a loved one to find some happiness. No one can anticipate what it feels like to lose a close family member or friend, and I want to help those who are left alone and frightened to see that there is comfort and friendship to be had and there is no need to feel alone. Also during this time of COVID-19 there are so many families who have lost people so quickly and unexpectedly, they will feel the added sadness of not being able to be with their loved one when they passed away. Help me to support these families. My work as an independent civil celebrant means that I meet many bereaved people of all ages. It is my job to help create and deliver a loving funeral service. But following the funeral can be daunting and a very lonely place for the grief stricken. Can you imagine being left alone after so many years of companionship or loving with all your heart that person? How do you find comfort if you know your loved one died alone? After working with many grieving people, and seeing how much pain they are in … Continue reading Alison Bereavement Society