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hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you read what I have to say.

I am compelled to write this and I know, if you faced a similar situation (which I hope you never do), you would do the same.

A few months back before all things became worse he was a very healthy man. there is no issue with his health except he needs to regulate the sugar and eats nutritious foods which is normal. he even select which food to eat and measure the calories, nutrients and all other things.

he loves to walk around, traveling, hiking, and pretty much going everywhere. even someone who is still young like me actually gets tired of all the walking and yet he is still wandering around shops and other stuffs.

I even got surprised when he is doing a yoga moves in his room when i came into his room to bring newspaper and also tells that the food is ready.

everything is fine until that day when he said he has difficulty breathing and coughing up blood. so we are very worried about his health and we go to the hospital to do some checkups which resulted in the doctor recommending him to stay at the hospital for few weeks to treat his disease.

at first we took a normal semi private hospital room (2 patients in one room divided by curtain) which is pretty costly but we prefer safety especially in these times and luckily our room doesnt have other patients so it is quite safe. we usually take turns staying overnight in the hospital room so he doesnt get lonely.

i often visits and staying overnight there that i have grown accustomed to the familiar smell of the hospital, the hospital foods (food court) and i even recognize some of the employees that works there and sometimes chat with them.

that goes for a month which is already not a few weeks anymore. then the doctor diagnose and told us that he also have kidney and lung problems which is new to us. we don't know if that happens during his hospitalization or before that.

the doctor also mentions that he was also peeing blood because of urinary infection which we also see in that urine bag of his. so we proceeds with all the required treatments. some of them were hemodialysis, chronic lung, coronary angioplasty.

i don't really remember all of the treatments but i remember one of them is like putting some kind of tube thru the mouth and pump lung or something? i don't really know what is that but one thing i remember he was crying even if he doesn't say anything.

all of those treatments are definitely painful.

He is moved to the ICU room, slipping in and out of a coma. He struggles to breathe and his body is very weak due to all the treatments he is enduring. he still needs critical medical care that includes keeping him on ventilator/oxygen support thus requiring a prolonged stay in the ICU for another month. This will cost us a huge amount of money considering how much we already spent.

the doctors even mention something about tracheostomy surgery if his condition become worse because of the breathing problem which we don't know how much more it will cost if they proceed with the surgery.

For my family, this cost is realistically impossible to bear. However we have immense belief in the power of people.

Your contribution can give him a second chance at life. We are hoping you would contribute.

even just a few dollars would help us cover the cost of the hospital treatments.

Because everyone deserves a second chance.

My words are my everything now. are you willing to help us?



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Donated So Far
Raised offline: $3,485.00
Total: $3,595.00

Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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