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Why adopt an agricultural drone? What is the Adopt 1 Drone Project about? Because every day dozens and hundreds of family farms cease to exist in Vietnam and many thousands in South-East Asia and India due to the lack of modern plant protection, which is not available or is difficult to obtain. Adopt 1 Drone is a Southeast Asia and India program. Its first project in Vietnam. Why else? Because 1 agricultural drone can help up to 2,000 family farms every year. 2,000 Families Approximately 40 - 60,000 People do not lose their livelihood, do not emigrate to the big cities, families do not break up and tragedies do not happen. Yes, real tragedies. In India, bankrupt farmers often take their own lives when their farms fail... Why come with us now? Because if these family farms cease to exist, then there will be less of a worse product for you since if you buy these agricultural products as imported products in your country or as a tourist, you will pay 2-3 times more later on in the market, shops or restaurants. You are also helping yourself with your support. Win-Win. This could save you hundreds of dollars on a vacation...... Why did I start this project? I have lived in Vietnam for 15 years and every year I have heard more and more problems, which are not hard to reach and adequate plant protection. I am constantly experiencing an increase in prices, which until now I thought was normal, because I did not see the real reason. At the end of last year, I was directly confronted with the problem and understood everything, when the farm and family of my Vietnamese family friend were destroyed before our eyes, torn apart, and their 10-hectare rice crop was destroyed by a fungal infection for the third time in a row. That's when I decided to find some expert friends of mine who deal with modern plant protection and ask them how we could help these people and solve this problem. This is how the ADOPT 1 DRONE project was created. What does the ADOPT 1 DRONE Project give to farmers in need? Free professional plant protection service is available immediately. It also enables fast multispectral survey and spot treatments, which is why, due to the use of modern technology, the treatment of the crop area is carried out with the use of quantitative water and chemicals, which is orders of magnitude smaller. At least 90% less water consumption and at least 50% less pesticide use, orders of magnitude less environmental impact. Due to the vortex effect of the rotors of the drones, the plant protection agents are applied not only to the upper and lower half of the leaves of the plants, which means a huge increase in efficiency, since diseases always start from the lower half of the leaves in the case of pest infections. Spraying - Fertilizing - Sowing - Feeding on fish or shrimp farms, daily capacity of up to 500 hectares per drone. What do we collect? Project Vietnam 2 survey drones equipped with multispectral cameras – 2,000 US dollars. 5 spraying and fertilizer spreading drones – 100 – 120,000 US dollars. 5 service vehicles (pickup) and annual costs – 145,000 US dollars. 5 generators for charging drones, for night and fieldwork - 7,500 US dollars. Training of 10 agricultural drone pilots – 5,000 US dollars. The annual salary of 5 administrators and 10 pilots - is 120,000 US dollars. Foundation registration and annual operating costs – 25,000 US dollars. Total - 424,000 US dollars in the first year. From the second year 145,000 US dollars. Our contribution is 1 sprayer and 1 survey drone. Our voluntary work in education and work. We have no upper support limit; our goal is to purchase as many drones as possible and reach as many needy people as possible with the help. Isn't that a lot? You can help 10,000 families with us now with the 5 drones, which means the livelihood of 2 - 300,000 people. First-year 40 US dollars per family! 15 US dollars per family from year two! Why stay with us now? Because this is a real Win-Win situation! With your support, this essential becomes available professional plant protection for family farms in need, thus saving them from extinction and the separation of families. You can get healthier vegetables, fruits, and food produced in these countries cheaper, remember that you can save hundreds of dollars on a simple tourist trip to these countries. Protect your environment with professional plant protection with orders of magnitude less environmental impact. Because you can get great gifts, certificates, t-shirts, caps, FPV drones, traveling, and many more! If you support the program, browse through them here and visit our website for more information and even more gifts. A win-win situation! Right? Thank you for viewing and reading the Adopt 1 Drone project information, we hope to welcome you as a drone parent, stay with us now and please share our project with your friends. Thank you for your attention: Adopt 1 Drone Team


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