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The African Community Fund for Education (ACFE) is a nonprofit based in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The ACFE was founded by Stanley Ndambakuwa in 2013. Ndambakuwa is an inaugural Obama Scholar and an Alumni of The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy.

Our mission is to minimize the impact of poverty by creating empowerment opportunities for disadvantaged children through education and leadership development.

Our education program promotes access to education for children who would not otherwise go to school if no one helps them. Through our #100Scholarships Initiative, we are supporting 100 children from 100 families in 21 villages in remote rural communities of Zimbabwe to go to school. The likely alternative for 70 girls in this group is that they are at risk of early child marriages. Without the ACFE, they would not otherwise go to school. We need more help to support more children. #100Scholarships #AfricanPartner #EducateGirls

We need to reach a goal to raise $30,000 by August 31 to keep our 100 children in school, and to support more children who are out of school and in need of help.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global emergency.

Students and teachers across the country in Zimbabwe are out of school. Our students need to pay for tuition, buy stationery, school uniforms, and shoes for them to return to school after this crisis. Remote rural areas are facing extreme hunger.


Our education program targets orphans and vulnerable children, those with disabilities and from low-income communities. Our interventions help to create access to education for those who cannot go to school if no one helps them.

70% of our opportunities are focused on GIRLS EDUCATION, and our SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAM helps to provide a meal at lunch time to our students who walk long distances to school, and most of them leave their homes before dawn or come to school hungry.


MEET JOANAH AND ELIZABETH - A Family working hard to secure an education.

Joanah was born on September 6, 2003. She resides at Stand Number 8, Village 11, Musena. Her disabled father passed away on July 22, 2019, leaving Joanah under the care of her widowed mother, Auxilia Mahachi. Her mother suffers from back problems that prevent her from assisting Joanah financially and most of the money for her education was spent on medical expenses for her father. Joanah was able to acquire BEAM funds in primary school but was cut off at the secondary education level. Her talents include farming, cycling, and singing. She intends to work hard and become an Agricultural Extension Officer.

Elizabeth was born on August 27, 1999 and lives with Joanah. After both of her parents passed away in her early childhood, she was taken in by Auxilia Mahachi. Joanah and Elizabeth spent a lot of their time working, which includes tilling the land, harvesting crops and doing chores. Elizabeth left school when she could not acquire school fees, stationery, and other necessities. Elizabeth wants to get an education but is unable to for the same reasons that Joanah cannot. She was able to secure BEAM funds during primary school which helped her to complete grade 7 examinations. Similar to Joana, her talents include farming, cycling, and singing. Elizabeth intends on becoming a medical doctor after graduating.


Below is a summary of the annual expenses that we incur to help one child every year. The total cost per student is $870.00.

Tuition Payment ($90.00 per year) - covers expenses related to school fees, tuition, and levies.
School Uniforms and Shoes ($120.00 per year)
Stationery ($108.00 per year) - covers all required annual stationery.
Living Expenses ($432.00 per year) - includes the School Feeding Program that provides a meal to students at lunchtime.
Medical and Other ($120.00 per year)
Examinations and Registration - applies to students in the final year and differs every year.


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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities