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Aaptwak's Products and Services

We at Aaptwak are one of the best known Cannabis brands in all of Southern Africa. We offer some of the very best known medical cannabis brands and our South African speed rolling championship is recognised through out social media platforms as a premiere even to participate in, featuring our one and only CannaLadyC in South Africa.

There has been talk that was said on online joint. It was said that they will out-smoke and out-shine our happy Cannabis monkey and of course we accepted the challenge! What we need to do above all else as the cannabis community is stand together as a united, well organised community and nation in bringing to the people the great value of healing and empowerment that the plant has given our community the abundance of health peace and well being. So please donate and help our national brand Aaptwak to stand tall for all of South Africa and the cannabis community throughout.

Who is Aaptwak?
Aaptwak is #Love for myself personally helping others makes my skin vibrate with in unbelievable joy. A motorbike crash in 2012 is where my Aaptwak journey began with a realisation of the plant's healing abilities where western medicines were failing my body and making more sick and creating even more pain than my biking accident has. Fortunately for me a staff member of the hospital who was dressing my wounds suggested cannabis as a treatment of pain management and healing. It took me four years to realise that the world has been denied the healing and enlightenment of the Cannabis plant. Through one step at a time the plant has healed my body, opened my mind that has set me out on this journey to empower the cannabis community.
AAPTWAK Vision #BeTheChange you want to Be.

What has accomplished thus far were a leading Brand in the SA Cannadis Industry Association. We understand above all else it's going to take a Collective and Comprehensive effort of like mined organizations and individuals to achieve the empowemering of the plant and the and a Industry Association. Since my life changing experience on my bike and beautiful embrace from the Cannadis Community that I can share my experience and values here's my value add to our forming our industry.

Aaptwak's logo has been trademarked and we've already started brand development of an online presence via oir website, Facebook and Instagram platforms.
Aaptwak had a operational and stratgic relationships with cannabis industry players, where the brand is seen as reputable and profitable.

Aaptwak has grown to operate in a sectors of Cannadis. Who immediate objective is to consolidate a working group to launch...What we believe is phase one of the initial development that's 75% complete as the brand that has already gained major recognition within the cannabis industry.

What exactly does Aaptwak want to do?

Our dream was born out of a need to heal the water in South Africa by engaging the recreational market to raise awareness. On the current reality of our water crisis in South Africa. Dams and rivers are heavily contaminated and this is the main water source that is supposed to feed to our Nation.


This project will raise the awesomeness of the great possiblities in win win return on investment ways the very specific value of Hemp based rope's in most of the water outlets as a filteration systems at maximum cost effectiveness. Which would be durable and easy to be replaced emptied and reused.
This template could be used worldwide.

This project is especially close to my heart as a South African citizen.
Our main focust point will be the rivers and dams in South Africa, starting with the well known and beloved Aapies river in Pretoria.

The project needs an estimated R5 Billion to get the project off the ground. With a mammoth LIST OF requirement's; to list only a few: The correct hemp rope fibers (extremely costly), licenses, land to cultivate, labourers, marketing, etc...!

EXPERT/Master in (HEMP) CUTIVATION. THIS IS JUST one of the many challenges to he overcome to get the (MR) Project running.
At this very moment our organization is spending serious time and focus to achieve the very cost effective inititive.

The Aptwak Monkey needs Everyones Help.
With such a large project, I am unable to take it on by myself... I will continue to approach Industry associates with like minded goals. Such as MRSPiggie, Together We Heal, SeedWorx, CannaLadyC, FOG Entertainment and The African Cannadis Industry Association, and many other industry players in our circle.


"Products to help the movement"

Branding merchandise items for sale:

Our guidelines will be marketed and attended to by Professionals above all else!...in making sure our will be savvy, and Strategically correct in meeting all legal requirements. advising will be focused globally. #national #winternational #international #stonernation #stonerunion
Taking into consideration of the below.
420 coffee shops
420 Flea markets
420 Friendly shops
420 Events
420 Business

These coffee shops will double as a walk in information centers that will supply CBD products.

There is an added Private members Club member club
Branded items can be expanded to include true African arts, crafts and cultured items so that each brand can be exported as "Proudly Aaptwak" or "Aaptwak Approved"

This will bare the proudly South African label in Representing and supporting your local farmer and
The Cannadis Community.


Rewarded With a Aaptwak T-Shirt

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