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Thanks for visiting my GoGetFunding Page.
My name is Sammiie to everyone that knows me and I'm 22 years old.
Since the age of 16 years old iv suffered chronically with severe lower back pain.
At 16, during a normal school day, I lost the feeling of both of my legs, and couldn't feel anything from the waist down. I lost control of my bladder without realising, and ended up seeing emergency doctors. Upon examination, the doctors found that I had all signs of Caudia Equina Syndome.. Which is a life threatening problem where the nerves in your back are compressed.. And without treatment you can become paralysed. I was taken to Birmingham Queen Elizabeth hospital where my stay endured for almost three weeks including my birthday. After tests upon tests and scans and MRI reports and more, I was finally diagnosed with severe Degenerative Disc Disease of L4 & L5.
Upon discharge from the hospital, I was told I would be limited to my capabilities. This saddened me as because of the severity of my pain I was mostly bed bound for the first few weeks back home.

Although I was told I had limited capabilities.. I wanted to continue my dreams and peruse them. I had enrolled on a Performing Arts Course to follow through my dream of becoming an actress or a singer in Musical Theatre. I managed a few weeks into the course when it all proved too much before again I was bed bound and had to leave College. Because of the problems I was having with needing help getting up and down stairs and getting in and out of baths and off chairs my GP wrote to the council who then pushed for me to get more suitable accommodation and be moved to a ground floor adapted property for wheelchair access and for other aids to be implemented in my home.
Since moving in, I have had more discs become degenerated within my spine.. Which has had an even bigger impact on my health and social aspect of life.

When I'm on a good day I can move, but with limited capabilities. When on a bad day I'm in bed and rely on my girlfriend to help me as much as possible. While it may be easy enough for her to help me, I hate to rely on people and don't like feeling like I am burdening someone.
Iv had intense physiotherapy on my legs and spine, but it didn't do much for me.
Since being under the Pain Management since 17 years old, Iv gone through every single medication possible within their limits and nothing has improved my quality of life. I'm now stuck on Morphene as its the only thing that helps in the slightest. Ive also undergone steroidal spinal injections, but they had no effect on me.

On a day to day basis I struggle to get around, the aids I have are a wheelchair which is still unable to get through the doorways due to the doorways being so narrow so I have to resort to crutches. Due to my fiancé living in South Wales, she's not always with me and there are times that I have no choice but to manage alone, sometimes it's possible. Sadly sometimes it's not.
I have spent days on end in bed, because I simply cannot move from the pain.

The reason I have created this page is to ask if anyone would be able to help with a contribution towards my new set of legs as I call them. Because I'm now going to be on crutches for a period of time before ending up in a wheelchair full time, I need to purchase a pair of crutches that will be helpful to me to get me through the long haul of my life before I'm wheelchair bounded.
The total price of the new crutches is £169.99 which will be able to buy the decent set which will hold my weight, which will me given a customised "girly" feel to them with sparkles and made to look as good as they will help. They have custom made hand plates to lean into, unlike the basic pair I have which cut into my hands and make them very sore and hard to use.

My quality of life long term will be helped majorly if I can get crutches not only health wise but confidence side of things too.
i want to spend as much time being on my feet even if it means I have two extra legs to help me before having no choice but to be in a chair.

My partner and I are engaged.. And I want to be able to walk down the isle, instead of being pushed down. I can't even imagine having to have my first dance in a wheelchair. Even if I'm on crutches, it would be a dream come true to have something that means so much to me, made happen.

I am am a very strong individual and don't show my pain or ask for help. But this is something I'm asking for as I hope people can contribute towards. I'd be so grateful if anyone can make a small tribute towards the cost. A lot of people have said how much this site is helpful and people help as much as they can. I really hope this is the case. If the target is achieved, or even half way, a cost breakdown and all receipts will be uploaded to show exactly where the money has gone too.



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