Justice delayed is justice denied: The Endless Fight for Ter’Rion Dunn’s Future.

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We are petitioning you for your help with the legal defense fund for Ter'Rion Dunn. Ter'Rion has been wrongly charged with capital murder in the state of Alabama.

He is innocent.

Monday, December 2, 2019 was just another day in Butler, Alabama, 35 miles or so southeast of Meridian, Mississippi.

The temperature had briefly touched 50 degrees, but as night fell it had dipped into the mid-30s.

Thoughts were starting to turn towards Christmas.

In just 3 days, Santa Claus was scheduled to be on the fire truck as the “Christmas on Courthouse Square” parade and festivities would kick off the holiday season.

But all that was about to change for a number of young people, their families and friends.

Ter’Rion Dunn goes over to visit a friend, Brandon Howard.

There are a few others there.

Just before 9 p.m. came a knock on a door at the Bedford Pines Apartments on Vanity Fair Avenue, just down from North Mulberry and not far from Pickett Creek.

Howard sees his ex-girlfriend, with another man, Ollie Curtis III.

He is there to rob Brandon Howard.

A struggle ensues, and Howard is fatally shot. According to subsequent statements, Curtis then put his gun to Ter’Rion Dunn’s head, demanding money and drugs.

He threatened harm to Dunn’s grandma if he didn’t comply.

It was the 1st murder in Choctaw County, Alabama, on the 336th day of the year.

Before we get started, we don’t want to forget the victim in this senseless killing:

Mr. Brandon Howard.

His life was tragically cut far too short.

We mourn the passing of any person – and our condolences are fully extended to this young man’s family and friends.

However, we feel strongly that the evidence supports the fact that Ter’Rion Dunn was not his killer and he had no knowledge of the crime that took Mr. Howard’s life.

Upon later questioning the ex-girlfriend admitted to authorities to having conspired to have planned the robbery with the gunman.

It appears that Ter'Rion's only "crimes" were knowing the robber and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Curtis is alleged to have threatened Ter'Rion that he had "better forget the fact" that he saw him -- or else he would kill his grandmother. Ter'Rion had no knowledge of nor involvement with this crime whatsoever, before, during or after it took place. There is no physical, scientific or trace evidence connecting him to this crime. Law enforcement subsequently interviewed Ter'Rion and released him. A day or so later, the SWAT team surrounded the house of Ter'Rion's grandmother where he was visiting with her in Huntsville, AL and took him into custody.

The gunman, received a bond of $150,000 in March of 2020. The ex-girlfriend bonded out at $40,000 and 1 other suspect recently received and posted bond and has been released from jail awaiting trial -- all the while Ter'Rion has been held for more than 15 months in jail (no bond) only to have been officially indicted on April 6th 2021.

The legal bill his mother has incurred in the effort of fighting for justice for her son's innocence has become astronomical. All of the funds will go to defray the costs of his legal defense. Your generosity would make a world of difference.
The family is trying to keep mind and body together and doesn't have the means to put forth an adequate legal defense -- it has been a life altering burden up to this point to attempt to cover legal expenses.

How do you prove that you didn't do something to people that don't want to listen to what you have to say? We have to keep in mind where all this has taken place. Butler, Alabama in the deep south.

Alabama, one of the poorest states in the union, is a state where more than 300 African-Americans were lynched in the 66 years from 1877 to 1943.

Alabama’s population is a little over a quarter Black, but more than half the people in its jails and prisons are Black, according to Alabama Appleseed.

Justice delayed is justice denied and an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. This can happen to anyone. This could be your son. This could be my son. The truth is individuals of color are far more likely to be wrongly accused, and convicted and incarcerated at a disproportionate rate than any other race in America.

We desperately need your help. Any amount is a enormously appreciated and a huge help. We can't achieve this without you! The lawyer demands payment in increasing amounts as you read this.

Please take a moment and listen to Ter'Rion's story, told to us on our podcast downloaded now in more than 71 countries world-wide from his mother, Kimkeshia Johnson Byron hosted on Pandora, Apple, I-heart Radio and everywhere else you might get your podcasts.

Listen here: Light Em Up The injustices suffered by TerRion Dunn

In advance, thank you so much. God's grace and blessings be upon you, always.
Please cover the family, Ter'Rion, his granny, mom and younger siblings in your most fervent prayers for his unconditional release.

Phillip Rizzo,
Executive Producer: "Light 'Em Up" Podcast
On behalf of: Kimkeshia Johnson Byron, mother of Ter'Rion Dunn.

Thank you,

All suspects mentioned are innocent until proven guilty in court of law.


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I fight for the underdog, the little guy. I will try my best to help where I see a need. I fight for justice. I will do so till the end.

I fight for the underdog, the little guy. I will try my best to help where I see a need. I fight for justice. I will do so till the end.


  • Laura Collins
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