Defense of the sculpture and honor of Generalissimo J.V. Stalin

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For 29 years, Joseph Stalin from serf Russia created an atomic power

For this he was idolized by the people,

After his death, he left several pipes, 6 tunic jackets, 10 trousers, a passbook with nine hundred rubles ... and the Giant Empire! Therefore, people continue to idolize him over 60 years after his death, ...

... friends loved and respected him

Opponents did not like, but also respected him

In 1952, the inhabitants of the city of Gori, where Stalin was born, erected a bronze monument to the Generalissimo, the work of the famous sculptor Shota Mikatadze, and protected it not only from the Khrushchev "personality cult" and the collapse of the USSR, but also after, until the first decade of the 2000s

However, in 2008, having lost the 5-day war, President Saakashvili, apparently, decided to rehabilitate himself in the war with the Stalin monument ... It is said - done! And so, at night, secretly from the inhabitants of Gori, after a three-hour battle, Stalin was overthrown from the pedal and ...

.. thrown between four walls ...

Then he was transferred to another place, also not so distant ...

And the current government, fearing the discontent of its western patrons, did not return the monument to its place in Gori

but did not re-melt it, relying on serious discontent among the electorate, not only the Gori district. It took and ... generally released it, partially covering it with tarpaulin, probably either from a cold and corrosion, or simply, so that no one would guess ... very popular type of behavior among a population of ostriches...

So, We, in the non-profit foundation “Kartveli”, whose founder and chairman of the board, I have the honor to be, believe that for any government it is better to fight against corruption than against monuments! This is quiet ungrateful affair! In some cases, it can very negatively end for the attacker. Many wrote about this - Tirso de Molina, Moliere, Pushkin and others .

One of the goals of the “Kartveli” Foundation (under this flag we are is the restoration of historical justice for the natives of Georgia, if in our opinion, such a need exists. The "Kartveli" Foundation is by no means a Stalinist organization, or a communist or left-wing organization. We are just for justice.

And for this reason, we consider it absolutely unacceptable that a monument to Generalissimo Stalin, stolen from the citizens of Gori, under the guise of repairing the drainage system, rust among the construction ruins of the village of Berbuki in the Gori region...


...waiting for the government to overcome its phobias and render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's, each once before going to bed, repeating four words - Honor, Wisdom, Nobleness, Indulgence.

Based on the foregoing, we decided to build a modern repository on a separate territory, where it would be possible to rehabilitate the monument, to ensure its protection against corrosion and vandalism, and memory - from ridicule, keeping the monument in an upright position until the ruling party decides its further fate.

To date, the Kartveli Foundation already has an agreement on unlimited and free rent of 1000 sq.m. on a plot of 6000 sq.m. (cadastral number, adjacent to the Tbilisi highway on the 4th kilometer from the Gori border towards Tbilisi, which Guram Nozadze, the head of the Gori branch of the Kartveli Foundation, allocated to us for a just cause.

This is a plot of flat land on which the storage will be located, which is a light structure mounted from transport cargo containers in the "modern" style.

The sketch design of the store was proposed by a young talented architect George Shubladze. It consists of two vertical shafts for storing sculptures and a two-storey horizontal room for utility, energy and communication needs. There is also a meeting room

For easy loading of the sculpture in the storage, as well as to facilitate the work of specialists with the monument, access to the sculpture will be carried out using a vertically rising electromechanical sealed door.

Currently, the foundation has turned to the mayor of Gori, Mr. Tavzarashvili, with a request to transfer the Stalin Monument for rehabilitation work, with subsequent storage, until the Gori municipality decides on the fate of the monument properly. Estimated project cost 60 000.00 Euro, which we will collect with your and God's help!

We wish you all good luck, health, kindness and a lot of money.


Chairman of NGO Foundation "Qartvelli", MD.,Ph.D

Chairman of NGO Foundation "Qartvelli", MD.,Ph.D


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