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Jesus commands in Matthew 28:18-20 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

We all saved by the grace and love of God through Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for us. But there are so many spirits going to hell for the eternal spiritual suffer without being saved by the reasons of unheard the gospel of God or misunderstand about being saved by spiritual rebirth. Therefore we are responsibilities to go and tell the truth of the gospel to the people who are unsaved regarding the Bible says in Romans 10:17 “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.”

Our Mission:

Searching people, Prepare what they needs, and Sharing the gospel to be Safe by love and grace of God.

The Project – An Overview:

According to the website “Facts and Details.com,” Thailand is the world's most heavily Buddhist country. About 93.6 percent of all the people in Thailand are Buddhists. We will see Buddhist temples and saffron-robed monks everywhere. About 4.6 percent of the population is Muslim. They are mostly Malays who live in southern Thailand. Christians have 0.9 percent of the population; Hindus, 0.1 percent; and Sikhs, Baha’i Faith, and others, 0.6 percent. This state means over 99 percent of the Thai population still needs to be saved. They are surely going to eternity suffer in hell at the end of their lives. Even though some Christians are still not been saved, because they have not been born again, they just thinking been saved by going to church, worship God, or pray, but never been accept Jesus to be their savior. Many Christians have not attended church services, not praying, not reading the Bible, and living daily life as non-believers, So the problem of criminals, separates, and divorce still increases among Christianities now as the second coming of Jesus Christ is coming soon, we have to tell people about God urgently.

Therefore, we envisage proclaiming to all tribes in Northern Thailand through our “THE OASIS MINISTRIES CENTER” here in Chiang Mai.

The project proposed in this scheme is meant for additional support to run the outreach center.

Project Objectives :

  • To bring the gospel of Christ to non-Christians in northern Thailand in order to follow the great commission of Jesus Christ through the alternate programs and activities to meet all the ages. Also help them what they need.
  • To encourage other believers to be faithful, be the good demonstrate, be the light of the world, and more eager in God
  • To partner with other Churches or Organizations to be involved in ministries.
  • To train pastors, church leaders, and other people to be the evangelist.

Basically Programs and Activities Plan:

1. Team Outreach

  • 3 times a year (March, August, December)
  • Take 3-4 days each time
2. Sports Outreach (January, May, October)
  • 3 times a year
  • Take 2-3 days each time
  • Focusing on young people
3. Colorful School Ministries (February, September, November)
  • 3 times a year
  • Take 1 day each time
  • Focusing on the school kids
4. Smart Kids Program
  • Run 10 days a year
  • Teaching English, Chinese language
  • Outdoor/Indoor games
  • Preparing free foods
  • Focusing on the local and nearby kids
5. Bible training
  • Once a year
  • Take 2-3 days each time
  • Focusing on the leaders, pastors, or other believers.
6. Family camp
  • Once a year
  • Take 2-3 days each time
  • Focusing on the believer families.

7. Worship Songs Ministries

  • Translate worship songs into Lahu language and share on Youtube or other social media.

Project Area:

Our project area was located in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand in the land size 6 rais (approximately 3 acres) bought by funds from Australian missionaries donating since 2012 and the land is currently under “Hebron Youth Directions Foundation” and will name THE OASIS MINISTRIES CENTER.

The people focus areas are the hill-tribes in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and other provinces in Northern Thailand.


The Oasis Ministries Center aims to provide a house and office and site development. The project will have 3-4 paid office workers at the beginning.

Potential Long Term Impacts:

This project has potential and impacts fully in proclaiming the gospel to unsaved spirits, They will acknowledge the truth and know-how can be born again, how can be saved, how can they grow up in Christian life, how can they live by the grace of God, how can they be the light of the world, and how can they be the witness and bring other unsaved spirits to the kingdom of God.


We expect to send a quarterly operational report about the progress of the project, every after three months and a comprehensive report will be sent every after six months covering; financial status, project activities so that the participating donors can review how the donations given are used in accordance with the vision of the center.

Required Time For Implementation of The Program/Project:

The project is in the position, but the fund and other requirements, like funds, building materials, and others are needed so urgently. We hope if the good donors out there can consider our appeal. We need this assistance urgently for the yearly budget and the construction of the building takes place as soon as possible. We also accept the mission team or missionaries who would like to be a partner and accept all kinds of donations.

The Budget


1. TEAM OUTREACH #1 $ 1,500

  • Vehicle Petrol (x3 trucks) $ 250
  • Food $ 350
  • Gifts $ 550
  • Love gifts for the team (x10 people) $ 350
2. TEAM OUTREACH #2 $ 1,500
  • Vehicle Petrol (x3) $ 250
  • Food $ 350
  • gifts $ 550
  • Love gifts for the team (x10 people) $ 350
3. TEAM OUTREACH #3 $ 1,500
  • Vehicle Petrol (x3) $ 250
  • Food $ 350
  • gifts $ 550
  • Love gifts for the team (x10 people) $ 350
4. FAMILY CAMP $ 1,850
  • Accommodations $ 800
  • Food $ 500
  • Materials $ 350
  • Shirts $ 200
5. SPORT OUTREACH (3 times/year) $ 1,500
  • Vehicle Petrol (x2) $ 200
  • Prize and gifts $ 1,000
  • Food $ 200
  • Sport equipment $ 100


(3 times/year) $ 1,000
  • Vehicle Petrol $ 100
  • Materials and gifts $ 500
  • Food $ 400
7. SMART KIDS PROGRAM (10 weeks/year) $ 1,600
  • Materials/Equipments $ 400
  • Free foods $ 1,200
8. LEADERSHIP TRAINING (once a year) $ 1,500
  • Food $ 1,000
  • Materials/Equipments $ 300
  • Vehicle Petrol $ 200
10. WATER $ 100
11. INTERNET $ 400
12. FULL-TIME STAFF WAGES ($265x4/month) $ 12,720



  1. Building a house (3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom) $ 25,000
  2. Building an office (13m x 6m) $ 15,000
  3. Office equipment (Desk, computers, cabinets) $ 3,500
  4. Fence and gate $ 3,000
  5. Ministries vehicle (Toyota truck) $ 19,000
  6. Ministries camera $ 1,000
  7. Speakers and sound system $ 2,000


Contact Details:

THE OASIS MINISTRIES CENTER (Under - Hebron Youth Directions Foundation)

Pastor Surachai Naobanphrot

Address: 180/9 Moo 1, Tambon Choeng Doi, Amphur Doisaket,

Chiang Mai, Thailand 50220

Tel: +66 91 853 0362, +66 65 814 8081

Email: [email protected]

Facebook Page: The Oasis Ministries Center

PayPal: [email protected]


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  • Blessings to all who give!


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  • Charles Hart V
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  • Blessings to all who give!



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