1. [Image: ArtRockFAN]

    # ArtRockFAN said

    Posted on Apr 11, 2012

    hello, is it okay that you guys can also help fund my project as well? http://gogetfunding.com/project/money-to-make-indie-film thank you and god bless!

  2. [Image: Jasmine]

    # Jasmine said

    Posted on Feb 14, 2012

    Having just shared and promoted this project, we are overwhelmed by your generosity. To be honest, I wasn't sure if posting a public fundraiser was a good idea but I thought 'heck, this is our last chance' - so glad I did. I am just so shocked and humbled by all your donations and I feel life coming back into me as the chances of having a baby increase. Saying thank you is not enough. You are all godsends.

  3. [Image: Restute]

    # Restute said

    Posted on Feb 14, 2012

    Hope this goes well for you guys. May god be with you.

  4. [Image: Jasmine]

    # Jasmine said

    Posted on Feb 14, 2012

    Vivat, my heart just skipped a beat after reading the email that our first donor has pledged $3,000! We're eternally grateful and can't wait to deliver on our rewards. Thank you a million times over.xxx

  5. [Image: Vivat]

    # Vivat said

    Posted on Feb 14, 2012

    I'm blown away by your courage and initiative in being able to start this fundraiser and share it with everyone. This is the best $3,000 I've ever been able to spend and I hope it helps you guys. Your rewards are astonishing and I feel privileged to form part of this. You guys are great and deserve this.

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