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As you know, the Vaughn family lost its bread-winner when Jim's life ended so abruptly. "Teeny tiny steps" is how Zoe describes how she's getting along these days. The money we raised to help pay for cremation and Jorma's plane ticket and other expenses will go a long way to help her feel loved by all of us as well as help herpay for rent and food. She plans to find a job and looks forward to it, but right now that's not part of the baby-step plan.

Anyway, some of you mentioned you haven't had a chance to give yet and still want to, so here you go :). Thank you so much. Zoe is amazed at the outpouring of love from you all.



(Who am I? I'm Zoe's BFF (one of them). I live in Grand Rapids, MI)

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  1. Updated posted by christine On Sep 14, 2012

    update from Zoe 9/14/12

    Yup, still a widow... no amount of deeply help hope, or wishes, will change that. Still unemployed - Connor has had a difficult transition to school this year, primarily due to his newfound separation anxiety in the wake of Jim's death. I'm likely going to start with something part-time due to his struggles.

    This help is invaluable! Thanks to all, and I'm hoping it can go a little bit higher. Connor needs me to remain more available for a bit longer - able to get him early at afterschool care if he's having a tough day, able to take off for an afternoon and just have some fun! He especially is helped by that. It lets him be a little kid momentarily unburdened by the profound losses that he's endured.


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  2. Updated posted by christine On Aug 14, 2012

    from Zoe 8/10/12

    Thought I should update folks a bit now that almost 4 weeks have gone by since Jim's death. (Holy crap - how can it be that long? How can it have just happened so recently? Time = still very screwy).

    We are getting through our days, some better than others. Connor and I talk a lot about Papa. He just really wants Papa. ME TOO!! *sigh* Alas... But, we are getting through. He is playing with his friends, enjoying daycamp, and sportin' a mohawk. I got laundry done today! Yay me!

    The help we have received from friends/family/strangers has been and continues to be overwhelming, and so deeply appreciated. The funds set up by Christine have assured that my rent is paid at least through September, that Connor will have school clothes, that the power will be on.

    Now th...


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